Encyclopedia of Water Sciences and Society

Encyclopedia of Water Sciences and Society

Ashok Vaseashta (ICWI/NJCU and Academy of Sciences of Moldova, USA), Gheorghe Duca (Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Moldova) and Sergey Olegovich Travin (Federal Research Center for Chemical Physics After N. N. Semenov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Pages: 1500|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7356-3
ISBN13: 9781799873563|ISBN10: 1799873560|EISBN13: 9781799873570


At a first glance, water appears to be one of the most simple, abundant, and pure substances. Pure water is practically colorless, odorless, and tasteless. However, from a scientific standpoint, water possesses complex physical and chemical characteristics, some that are yet to be explored. Furthermore, water is vital for life on Earth - where there is water there is life and where water is scarce, sustaining life is complex. Water is essential to basic functions of human body such as homeostasis, maintaining equilibrium between exogenous and endogenous water, regulating metabolism and temperature filtering out toxins just to name a few. Due to many such unique physical and chemical characteristics and nature of water, water is an intriguing substance. Research on ecotoxicity and its impact on human health has demonstrated significant progress that has been reported so far. The subject is still unfolding and needs attention from a holistic viewpoint by scientific community for our survival and for going forward.

While the fundamental physical and chemical properties of water continue to reveal in new aspects, it is critical that we review these properties in the context of recent applications and global challenges. The general focus of the book will be on the systematic fundamental and applied research work of Physics and Chemistry of water. By way of review articles and recent research, the book aims to present some recent findings.

Particular attention will be paid to the influence of Physical and Chemical aspects on several fundamental aspects of our biosystem. It is worth noting that Water is an area of scientific study that seems to be among the most significant ones, revealing the relations between the living world and the surrounding environment, while highlighting the critical need of water scarcity worldwide. This domain needs a very comprehensive investigation, as compared to the other fields due to our dependence on clean water. As humans – we should have full awareness of our options. As scientists, we should be able to articulate options and propose solutions. Books such as this will help us understand the complexity and awareness of this critical topic of Physics and Chemistry of Water.

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