Evaluating Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare Reform

Evaluating Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare Reform

Raj Selladurai (Indiana University Northwest, USA), Charlie Hobson (Indiana University Northwest, USA), Roshini Isabell Selladurai (In His Image Family Medicine Residency, Ascension St. John Medical Center, USA) and Adam Greer (Ascension St. John Medical Center, USA)
Release Date: February, 2020|Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 287|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2949-2
ISBN13: 9781799829492|ISBN10: 1799829499|EISBN13: 9781799829508


Healthcare reform in the United States is a significant, strongly debated issue that has been argued since the early 1900s. Though this issue has been in circulation for decades, by integrating various new models and approaches, a more sustainable national healthcare system can perhaps be realized.

Evaluating Challenges and Opportunities for Healthcare Reform presents comprehensive coverage of the development of new models of healthcare systems that seek to create sustainable and optimal healthcare by improving quality and decreasing cost. While highlighting topics including high-value care, patient interaction, and sustainable healthcare, this book is ideally designed for government officials, policymakers, lawmakers, scholars, physicians, healthcare leaders, academicians, practitioners, and students and can be used to help all interested stakeholders to make well-informed decisions related to healthcare reform and policy development for the United States and beyond, as well as to help all individuals and families in their decisions related to choices of optimal healthcare plans.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • E-Health
  • Health Economics
  • Healthcare Delivery
  • High-Value Care
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Medical Education
  • Patient Interaction
  • Professionalism Competency
  • Sustainable Healthcare
  • Telemedicine

Reviews and Testimonials

"This book represents a fresh look at many of the issues emerging to improve the health care “system” in the United States. Chapter topics include some new and innovative ideas about how to improve medical education of physicians, foster teamwork and “interprofessionality” to improve patient care, adopt best practices from the health care systems of other countries, new ways to reduce costs and finance care, and challenges in healthcare delivery in rural and underdeveloped areas. All of these are timely and interesting reviews of what has been, what we have, and what might be in improving our complex, chaotic, and difficult to understand system of health care delivery and financing."

– Pat Bankston, PhD

"This book on healthcare reform is different. It is truly transcendental in its approach to healthcare reform. It is not simply one more healthcare “solution” thrown out for readers to get confused about. The editors of this anthology have created a strategic, integrated thought-piece. Kudos to Selladurai et al., the editorial team, for choosing to bypass the narrow-minded partisan approach to healthcare reform that tends to deal with healthcare as a transactional marketplace with myopic approaches to making it more efficient. Instead, this book suggests an end-to-end approach to healthcare reform, from global best practices to adopting revolutionary technological advances, from re-inventing medical education to professional teamwork and recognizing that patients and healthcare deliverers have equal ownership in healthcare reform. It is with great enthusiasm that I tip my hat to this remarkable work!"

– Paul Prabhaker, PhD

"The authors of this book present a forward-thinking review of critical issues in the state of the health-care system in the United States. They have drawn from a broad spectrum of sectors in our society to bring a wide-ranging perspective to the subject. Re-inventing the health-care system of this county has grown to be a continual topic of concern in all sectors of our society, from the individual to our largest institutions. This compendium of articles, studies and meta-reviews of the problem, and national/international solution attempts to present the reader with a host of fresh, new ideas about the scope of the healthcare reform problem. They show where we have been ineffective, where we have had some success and several solution alternatives that have been successful in other countries from which we may learn. I strongly recommend this book to anyone wishing a better understanding of some of the most basic, underlying issues."

– Cuthbert Shepherdson, PhD

"Subsequent content addresses factors impacting changes in healthcare delivery, such as consumer engagement, teamwork across disciplines, finance models, use of technology including telemedicine, and the need for a competency-based educational model for basic and continued competency education for physicians...The objectives address challenges and opportunities for reform, new models to expand reform, and stakeholder perspectives. These are worthy objectives and are met through clear reports on each of these topics. In light of the continued debate about healthcare reform, it is a needed addition to the dialogue."

– Carole Kenner, PhD, The College of New Jersey, USA, Doody's Reviews

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