Global Issues Surrounding Outer Space Law and Policy
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Global Issues Surrounding Outer Space Law and Policy

Doo Hwan Kim (Korea Society of Air and Space Law and Policy, South Korea)
Pages: 300|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7407-2
ISBN13: 9781799874072|ISBN10: 1799874079|EISBN13: 9781799874096|ISBN13 Softcover: 9781799874089


The United Nations currently has five effective international space treaties, namely the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, Space Rescue Agreement of 1968, Space Liability Convention of 1972, Space Registration Convention of 1975, and Moon Agreement of 1979. There needs to be a comprehensive book describing the complicated problems and method solutions that occur with these treaties. Made 40 years ago, these treaties do not fit all the current advancements and developments in natural resources found on the planets. This book suggests a revision of the mentioned five space treaties. An establishment of a new International Space Agency (ISA) under the UNCOPUOS would strengthen the cooperation of the global community towards joint undertakings and exploitation of the natural resources within the moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Asteroids, and other celestial bodies. A new international treaty is proposed that will, in addition, eliminate or reduce space debris that is polluting the space environment today. Also, this treaty would solidify the protection of mankind and victims of accidents caused by space debris and the liability for damages.

Additionally, the author proposes the use of an international cooperation and an International Court of Air and Space Law that would promote the speed of work and fairness in the trials of air and space law cases. The establishment of an International Court of Air and Space Law is necessary and should provide the uniformity of decisions currently lacking in the jurisdiction relating to disputes in the field of air and space law and space exploitation.

The purpose of publishing this law book is to provide the general understanding for the current issues and method of solution in the field of outer space law and policy in the global society. It is ideal for a great graduate students, lawyers, professors, officials of government, staff members of every countries’ national space agencies, academicians, researchers, and more looking to understand the complicated problems and method of solution on the international space law and policy.

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