Handbook of Research on Contemporary Issues in Multicultural and Global Education
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Handbook of Research on Contemporary Issues in Multicultural and Global Education

Clementine Msengi (Lamar University, USA), Grace Lartey (Western Kentucky University, USA) and Katherine Sprott (Lamar University, USA)
Pages: 450|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7404-1
ISBN13: 9781799874041|ISBN10: 1799874044|EISBN13: 9781799874058


COVID-19 has changed the way of life for many populations and the word at large, education is one area greatly impacted by this pandemic. The future of education is unclear and constantly changing. In response, many educational institutions across the globe had to close in-person learning and turn to online learning. Previous predictions on the future of education discussed the globalization of education through online learning that breaks down geographical barriers. However, many students, parents, and educators are still finding it challenging to adapt to new methods of instruction. Creating global and multicultural classrooms creates additional challenges, especially when considering diverse, at-risk, and low-income student populations. How can underprivileged students benefit from this learning? How do environments and infrastructure contribute to the diversification of education? How do we ensure that there is diversity within the learning environments? What does it take to meet the needs of diverse learners who have already fallen behind academically, while, also dealing with global public health challenges that are affecting almost every facet of the educational environment?

This book will bring a collection of research, strategies, best practices, and meaningful insights dealing with important issues related to multicultural and global education. The collection of chapters included will present the most current research on topics such as the existing knowledge on the challenges currently being faced, possible solutions and strategies that exist in multicultural and global education environments, and leadership insights for moving forward leading diverse learning in a time of change.

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