Handbook of Research on Nascent Entrepreneurship and Creating New Ventures
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Handbook of Research on Nascent Entrepreneurship and Creating New Ventures

António Carrizo Moreira (University of Aveiro, Portugal) and José Guilherme Leitão Dantas (CARME, School of Technology and Management, Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal)
Release Date: October, 2020|Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 483|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4826-4
ISBN13: 9781799848264|ISBN10: 1799848264|EISBN13: 9781799848271|ISBN13 Softcover: 9781799864851


Due to the 2008-2009 crisis, the United Nations 2030 agenda for sustainable development, and the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of entrepreneurship has become more critical in most economies. Moreover, emerging protectionist policies are further encouraging the emergence of new entrepreneurial projects, particularly to replace goods and services traditionally provided by other countries. Understanding current challenges and best practices in nascent entrepreneurship is integral for the successful launching of new ventures to support the revitalization of economies and achieve sustainability.

The Handbook of Research on Nascent Entrepreneurship and Creating New Ventures is a crucial reference source that covers the latest empirical research findings in the field of entrepreneurship and addresses the obstacles entrepreneurs face in these recent challenging times. The book embraces a pluralistic perspective from academicians currently navigating nascent entrepreneurship and key concepts for launching successful new ventures. Covering topics that include government support programs, spin-off companies, leadership, strategic entrepreneurship, and crowdfunding, this book is targeted towards entrepreneurs, professionals, academicians, researchers, and students.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crowdfunding
  • Ethnic Entrepreneurship
  • Government Support Programs
  • Leadership
  • Nascent Entrepreneurship
  • Non-Cognitive Skills
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Spin-Off Companies
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • Women Entrepreneurs

Table of Contents and List of Contributors

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Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

António C. Moreira obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Management, both from the University of Porto, Portugal. He received his PhD in Management from UMIST-University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England. He has a solid international background in industry leveraged working for a multinational company in Germany as well as in Portugal. He has also been involved in consultancy projects and in research activities. He is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Management, Industrial Engineering, and Tourism, University of Aveiro, Portugal, where he headed the Bachelor and Master Degrees in Management for five years. He is member of GOVCOPP research unit.