Innovative Perspectives on Corporate Communication in the Global World

Innovative Perspectives on Corporate Communication in the Global World

María Dolores Olvera-Lobo (University of Granada, Spain), Juncal Gutiérrez-Artacho (University of Granada, Spain), Irene Rivera-Trigueros (University of Granada, Spain) and Mar Díaz-Millón (University of Granada, Spain)
ISBN13: 9781799867999|ISBN10: 1799867994|EISBN13: 9781799868019|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6799-9


Today's global markets demand that companies of all sizes look to international markets for potential customers. The successive crises that have taken place in the last decade (the economic crisis of 2008 and the COVID-19 health and economic crisis in 2020) make the internationalization of companies essential. This situation is further aggravated in the case of SMEs, as surviving only from national markets is becoming increasingly difficult. Indeed, the economic sphere is in constant flux, which demands that companies have a great capacity for adaptation in order to face the new challenges of an ever more globalized and difficult market. In this context, new forms of business communication are emerging, especially through the use of the Web and new technologies. Digital marketing and the dissemination of corporate information have become key processes for the success of companies. It is therefore crucial to research different digital marketing processes and ways of breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers between users from different sociolinguistic contexts (such as translation, localization, or transcreation).

This publication focuses on the description of methods, processes, and tools that can be adopted to achieve corporate internationalization goals. It aims at collecting all pertinent project knowledge that supports the adoption and utilization of digital marketing strategies, as well as other strategies aimed at promoting the dissemination of corporate information. These strategies can be related to the development of digital tools, the design of new corporate communication strategies, the proposal of new ways of breaking social and linguistic barriers between technology users, or the creation of new methodologies aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. This publication will be a valuable guide for marketing developers, communication experts, company managers and owners, and language professionals.

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Juncal Gutiérrez-Artacho is a Doctor in Translation and Interpreting and lecturer at the Department of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada (Spain). She has given courses in different degrees and master’s at a number of Spanish universities. She has participated in numerous national and European research projects. Her lines of research are the multilingual Information Retrieval and new translation and interpreting technologies.