Management of the Object-Oriented Development Process

Management of the Object-Oriented Development Process

Liping Liu (The University of Akron, USA) and Borislav Roussev (University of the Virgin Islands, USA)
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Release Date: October, 2005|Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 372
ISBN13: 9781591406044|ISBN10: 1591406048|EISBN13: 9781591406068|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-604-4


Management of the Object-Oriented Development Process consists of a series of high-level discussions on technical and managerial issues related to object-oriented development. This book introduces object-oriented development techniques, including modeling languages, programming languages, reusable patterns and software development processes. It discusses the ongoing trends of object-oriented development, including emerging e-business development frameworks, executable UML and requirements engineering. There is also a focus managerial issues such as project management and software evaluation, and how to manage the paradigm shift from structured to object-oriented development.

Management of the Object-Oriented Development Process offers systems developers, project managers, information systems students and researchers technical skills as well as strategic insights on how to manage software projects, deploy object-oriented software development processes, understand the current trends and make the transition from structured to object-oriented techniques.

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Liu and Roussev provide breadth and depth far beyond the title Management of the Object-Oriented Development Process. Historical background and development, rigorous theoretical definitions, and descriptions of various O-O technologies are richly enhanced by insightful analyses of strenghts, weaknesses, and several case studies. This book is a valuable resource for anyone already using, considering the use of, or simply needing to learn about, object-oriented development technologies and processes.

– John Munro, University of Virgin Islands

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Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Dr. Liping Liu is an expert in information systems and has a strong publication record. He has extensive experience with the Oracle ERP software package.
Dr. Borislav Roussev is an Associate Professor of CIS at the University of the Virgin Islands. His diverse background includes teaching and research experience in Europe, South Africa, and the US. Boris Roussev’s interests are in the areas of object-oriented and economic-driven software development, requirements engineering and project management. He conducts research on causes of project failures, working from the presumptions that value-neutral principles and practices in software development are unable to deal with the sources of project failures, and that in order to manage effectively the computer technology, one has to consider the social context in which it is deployed and produced. In addition, Dr. Roussev has experience in software risk management and software process quality factor analysis. All of the above is combined with industry experience in software methods such as domain engineering, product lines, MDA with xUML, generative programming, and aspect-oriented programming. Dr. Roussev’s most recent research initiative is an interdisciplinary project on object-oriented linguistics and semiotics.