Microfinance and Sustainable Development in Africa
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Microfinance and Sustainable Development in Africa

Yahaya Alhassan (University of Sunderland in London, UK) and Uzoechi Nwagbara (University of the West of Scotland, Scotland and Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK)
Pages: 300|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7499-7
ISBN13: 9781799874997|ISBN10: 1799874990|EISBN13: 9781799875017|ISBN13 Softcover: 9781799875000


Following the positive contribution of microfinance to economic development in some parts of South East Asia and Africa, a huge amount of time has been devoted by researchers to understand this concept for sustainable development in Africa, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. The concept of microfinance also has significant positive relationship with microbusiness development. Though there are a few books on the relationship between microfinance and poverty reduction in Africa and some developing countries across world. There is no specific book that explores the relationship between microfinance and sustainable development in Africa. Certainly, the use of microfinance for poverty reduction and economic development in the developing world is growing. However, this concept needs to be expanded to ensure its application with the view to achieving sustainable development in developing countries, particularly in Africa. Therefore, this book seeks to explore how the provision of microfinance to individuals, groups and business organisations facilitates economic growth and sustainable development in Africa. In this regard, this book hopes to examine the complex relationship between receipt of microfinance, poverty reduction, economic growth and microbusiness development, focusing on the provision of small credit facilities as a driver of sustainable development in Africa.This book aims to examine and bring on board the various views and perspectives on the relationship between microfinance and sustainable economic development in Africa through industry experts, experienced researchers and policymakers. The concept of microfinance and its relationship with sustainable development in Africa will be explored by these experts and contributors from different perspectives with the view to forming an opinion on the problems, processes and prospects of microfinance in Africa. The focus here is Sub-Saharan Africa, which has witnessed growing activities of microfinance institutions. Theoretical and empirical insight to be provided in this book will be a priceless resource to microfinance institutions, policymakers, state institutions, managers and non-governmental organisations working in developing countries particularly in Africa. This book is envisaged to also benefit financial institutions that are looking to expand their product portfolio and outreach. The book will offer great insight into theoretical, policy-oriented and practical ways to address some of the challenges of using microfinance for sustainable development in Africa. Given the focus of this book on the nexus between microfinance and sustainable development, there will be a broadening of ideas on how the provision of microfinance can aid sustainable development in Africa.

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