Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Digital Steganography
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Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Digital Steganography

Sabyasachi Pramanik (Haldia Institute of Technology, India), Mangesh Manikrao Ghonge (Sandip Foundation’s Institute of Technology and Research Centre, India), Renjith V. Ravi (MEA Engineering College, India) and Korhan Cengiz (Trakya University, Turkey)
Pages: 300
ISBN13: 9781799871606|ISBN10: 1799871606|EISBN13: 9781799871620|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7160-6


Steganography is the art of secret writing. The purpose of steganography is to hide the presence of a message from the intruder. This book gives an insight to the different techniques and state of the art methods, algorithms, architectures, models, methodologies, and case studies of steganography in the domain of Cloud, IoT and Android Platform.

Security aspects of cloud computing and IoT are related to the external data storage, dependency on the “public internet”, inability to control and incorporation with internal security mechanisms. The book proposes a new approach to secure data storage on cloud infrastructure and IoT by hiding secret data in multimedia. Besides, it also includes discussions on machine learning/ deep learning-based steganography approaches, steganography in cyberattacks, security control in the android platform, optimization models in steganography. Various traditional security aspects such as authentication, identity, and authorization are elaborated based on neural network, optimization models and cryptography.

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