Neutrosophic Sets in Decision Analysis and Operations Research

Neutrosophic Sets in Decision Analysis and Operations Research

Mohamed Abdel-Basset (Zagazig University, Egypt) and Florentin Smarandache (University of New Mexico, USA)
Projected Release Date: December, 2019|Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 300
ISBN13: 9781799825555|ISBN10: 1799825558|EISBN13: 9781799825579|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2555-5


In information technology, the concepts of cost, time, delivery, space, quality, durability, and price have gained greater importance in solving managerial decision-making problems in supply chain models, transportation problems, and inventory control problems. Moreover, competition is becoming tougher in imprecise environments. Neutrosophic sets and logic are gaining significant attention in solving real-life problems that involve uncertainty, impreciseness, vagueness, incompleteness, inconsistency, and indeterminacy.

Neutrosophic Sets in Decision Analysis and Operations Research is a critical, scholarly publication that examines various aspects of organizational research through mathematical equations and algorithms and presents neutrosophic theories and their applications in various optimization fields. Featuring a wide range of topics such as information retrieval, decision making, and matrices, this book is ideal for engineers, technicians, designers, mathematicians, practitioners of mathematics in economy and technology, scientists, academicians, professionals, managers, researchers, and students.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Algorithm
  • Communication Network
  • Decision Making
  • Graphs
  • Information Retrieval
  • Matrices
  • Neutrosophic Linear Programming
  • Neutrosophic Sets
  • Python
  • Relational Equations

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