Rebuilding and Restructuring the Tourism Industry: Infusion of Happiness and Quality of Life
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Rebuilding and Restructuring the Tourism Industry: Infusion of Happiness and Quality of Life

André Riani Costa Perinotto (Universidade Federal do Delta do Parnaíba, Brazil), Veronica Feder Mayer (Federal Fluminense University, Brazil) and Jakson Renner Rodrigues Soares (Universidade da Coruña, Spain)
Pages: 300
ISBN13: 9781799872399|ISBN10: 1799872394|EISBN13: 9781799872412|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7239-9


Certainly one of the things that is most expected in tourism is happiness, but how is happiness in tourism. Where does it occur? How does it happen? Does Happiness Happen in Tourism? Will post-pandemic overtourism decrease and quality of life return to destinations? How to measure happiness in tourist destinations? What we know is that everyone expects to be happy, to have quality of life and to make their trip calm and full of happiness. We want to study and understand all of this. Even more so in a post-pandemic period of COVID-19 when many were quarantined and in social isolation (social distance). We want to know from different angles, segments, themes, aspects and disciplines how they look, perceive and study this intrinsic relationship between tourism, happiness, and quality of life.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this book investigates rebuilding and restructuring the tourism industry with an emphasis on ensuring that happiness and wellbeing of tourists, citizens in tourist destinations, employees of the tourism industry, etc. is incorporated into the new era of tourism. Happiness in post-pandemic times is relevant, important, and necessary to discuss and debate. We need to know more about these relationships and how tourism is happening in the world. Managers, professionals, policy makers, researchers, academicians, and students in the fields of psychology and human relations, hospitality, tourism, destination management, economics, marketing, sociology, and anthropology will benefit from the research contained within this book.

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