Remote Work and Sustainable Changes for the Future of Global Business
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Remote Work and Sustainable Changes for the Future of Global Business

Mohammed Banu Ali (Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, UK)
Pages: 300|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7513-0
ISBN13: 9781799875130|ISBN10: 179987513X|EISBN13: 9781799875154|ISBN13 Softcover: 9781799875147


This book aims to raise awareness of the multifaceted area of business and management under a major global crisis such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic and the role of technology in an attempt to cope with the changing business climate from a sociotechnical perspective. The multifaceted areas refer to change management, collaboration, workplace policy change and planning, innovations, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and crisis management. The book will address the future state of the business and management arena post Covid-19 to assess the extent the pandemic has impacted higher education, as well as national and international businesses.

This book will contribute to the Business and Management and Higher Education domain by providing insight into the challenges both national and international business face during a world crisis. There is a void of academic materials to support stakeholders operating within the business domain, particularly under a crisis situation, such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and thus will serve to inform practitioners and other stakeholders regarding the multifaceted area of crisis management under the umbrella of business and management.

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