Teaching Practices and Equitable Learning in Children's Language Education

Teaching Practices and Equitable Learning in Children's Language Education

Christina Nicole Giannikas (Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus)
ISBN13: 9781799864875|ISBN10: 1799864871|EISBN13: 9781799864899|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6487-5


Educating children and leading them towards the path of bilingualism is a valuable and challenging task for any educator. Effective language teaching, can contribute to young learners’ cognitive growth, develop their problem-solving skills, enhance their comprehension abilities, and provide children with the satisfaction of succeeding in the challenge of learning a foreign language. All these issues must be taken under consideration when researching children and their teachers, therefore, an edited volume such as this is especially needed as the book will focus on various perspectives aiming to make a scholarly contribution to the literature in the field of Young Language Learners of the 21st century with efficient practices, approaches and ideas for professional development. The current literature indicates that further material is needed in order to provide professionals with different classroom situations and enhance the art of teaching children.

The purpose of the edited volume, is to respond to the needs of practitioners, teacher educators and researchers through relevant studies that include sound pedagogical and content knowledge. The book concentrates on teaching practices, materials design, course design, the use of technology, classroom management and organization, vocabulary and grammar teaching, teaching children Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening Skills, incorporating games in the classroom, using stories in the young learner’s classroom, task-based language teaching, and research methods in the young learners' classroom. The chapters of this book link the theoretical understanding and practical experience of teaching children languages and is a valuable contribution in the field of Applied Linguistics.

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