Transforming Teachers’ Online Pedagogical Reasoning for Teaching K-12 Students in Virtual Learning Environments
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Transforming Teachers’ Online Pedagogical Reasoning for Teaching K-12 Students in Virtual Learning Environments

Margaret L. Niess (Oregon State University, USA) and Henry Gillow-Wiles (Oregon State University, USA)
Pages: 300
ISBN13: 9781799872221|ISBN10: 179987222X|EISBN13: 9781799872245|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7222-1


The rapid shift of K-12 education to being online left educators and parents lacking in confidence that students will receive an appropriate education through the virtual environments proposed for keeping students safe. The speed with which this transition was made prevented educators from developing the necessary knowledge and skills needed to create engaging learning in the unfamiliar virtual environment. Superficial observations of the online features and organizations for virtual environments suggest these environments lack key elements for guiding students in engaging in the skills such as those identified by the 4 C’s. A more serious question is: Are these bold claims true that students cannot learn online in virtual environments? Some say that teachers lack the knowledge of how to think about online teaching in a virtual environment. This begs the question, are today’s teachers simply applying their classroom strategies as they have done in their face-to-face classrooms, only now in front of a web camera?

Perhaps the challenge in teaching online is in how teachers think and reason about the virtual environment and how they use the affordances and strengths of that space to the fullest. The purpose of this edited book is to provide practical best practices from K-12 authors’ efforts in taking advantage of the features of virtual environments. In addition, these chapters will provide ways to think about teaching in virtual environments that can be used to guide instructional strategy choices. The ideas and frameworks presented in this book will thus result in presenting effective online pedagogical reasoning for the redesign and implementation of K-12 virtual classrooms.

The impact of the chapters will be to provide a foundation for building knowledge of teaching online through the collection of clear directions and implications for adopting the ideas as teachers are faced with the redesign of their instruction for virtual classroom instruction. The ideas provide K-12 teachers with the pedagogical reasoning and guidance they need for enhancing their knowledge in order to take advantage of the online affordances and strengths for virtual classroom instruction. As such, K-12 teachers, teacher educators, educational designers and developers, preservice and Inservice teachers, IT specialists, and distance learning faculty will all benefit from the research contained within this book.

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Margaret (Maggie) L. Niess is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education at Oregon State University. Her research focuses on integrating technology in teaching science and mathematics and the knowledge teachers rely on for teaching with technologies –TPACK. She has authored multiple peer-reviewed works including a teacher preparation textbook, Guiding Learning with Technology. She is currently directing the design, implementation, and evaluation of a new online Master of Science program for K-12 mathematics and science teachers with an interdisciplinary science, mathematics, and technology emphasis. Research from this work has focused on developing a community of learners in online graduate coursework. She chaired the Technology Committee for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), served as Vice President of the Teacher Education Council for Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), served on the Board of Directors for School Science and Mathematics (SSMA), and was an editor of School Science and Mathematics Journal.