Calls for Papers (special): International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector (IJISSS)

Special Issue On: Service Systems Analysis for Emerging Sectors

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Guest Editors
Ferhan Çebi, İstanbul Technical University, Turkey
Tankut Atan, Bahçeşehir University, Turkey

Today, also with the help of recent technological developments, changes in customer demands and requirements occur more rapidly than before. As a result, how businesses offer and generate products, services, and ideas are changing drastically. New sectors based on the knowledge economy have been emerging to respond to these changes. Furthermore, globalization has pushed the service sector to play a larger role in the overall economy with many emerging businesses developing a global presence. To increase competitiveness in this new world, it is crucial to analyze and understand service systems with a different perspective. This special issue aims to explore a variety of applications related to emerging sectors within services systems.

Service sector economy is growing rapidly and undergoing dramatic changes to respond to modern customers’ needs and demands with many emerging sectors. The current business climate provides remarkable opportunities but also involves uncertainties and risks for future competitiveness of these emerging sectors. The objective of the special issue is to contribute to the literature by presenting various practical and theoretical applications related to emerging sectors within services systems.

Recommended Topics
• Emerging technologies in services
• Disruptive technologies in services
• Digital applications in services
• Data warehousing and mining in services
• E-business in service industries
• Decision-support systems
• Information technology in services
• Meta-heuristic approaches in service systems
• Logistics network configuration
• Matching supply with demand
• Decision making under fuzzy environment
• Health care systems

Submission Procedure
Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit papers for this special issue on Service Systems Analysis for Emerging Sectors on or before 30 September 2020. All submissions must be original and may not be under review by another publication. INTERESTED AUTHORS SHOULD CONSULT THE JOURNAL’S GUIDELINES FOR MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSIONS at All submitted papers will be reviewed on a double-blind, peer review basis. Papers must follow APA style for reference citations.

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Ferhan Çebi
Tankut Atan
Guest Editors
International Journal of Information Systems in the Service Sector (IJISSS)