Calls for Papers (special): International Journal of Synthetic Emotions (IJSE)

Special Issue On: Advancements in Natural Language Processing

Submission Due Date

Guest Editors
Adil K. Al-Tamimi (American University of Sharjah, UAE)
Vishal Goyal (Punjabi University, India)
Rahul Upneja (University of Manitoba, Canada)

The aim of this special issue is to present to the research community a comprehensive collection of article including the recent advancements in the broad field of Natural Language Processing.

The scope of this special issue covers theory, applications, and design methods of Natural Language Processing and its Applications. The MICTAS-16 International Conference is organized by MID(Multi Inter Disciplinary) Publications. The conference has the focus on the frontier topics in the theoretical and applied Technology, Applied Sciences, Natural Language Processing and Digital Image Processing subjects. The MID conferences serve as good platforms for our members, scholars and the researchers to meet with each other and to exchange ideas. The recent ICTMS-15 and ICTMS-16 conferences have attracted many participants from over different countries. Our conference committees have been formed with expert committee members of different fields, they are, mainly research center heads, faculty deans, department heads, professors, and research scientists from different universities.

Recommended Topics
Digital Image Processing
  • Morphological analysis
  • disambiguation
  • tokenization
  • POS tagging
  • named entity detection
  • chunking
  • parsing
  • semantic role labeling
  • sentiment analysis
  • Linguistics: morphology
  • phonetics and phonology
  • syntax
  • semantics and pragmatics
  • Applications: machine translation
  • speech recognition
  • speech synthesis
  • optical character recognition
  • pedagogy
  • assistive technologies
  • social media
  • Resources: dictionaries
  • annotated data

Submission Procedure
Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit papers for this Special Issue on Advancements in Natural Language Processing on or before October 15th, 2016. All submissions must be original and should not be under review by another publication. INTERESTED AUTHORS SHOULD CONSULT THE JOURNAL’S GUIDELINES FOR MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSIONS at All submitted papers will be reviewed on a double-blind, peer review basis. Papers must follow APA style for reference citations.

All submissions and inquiries should be directed to the attention of:
Adil K. Al-Tamimi (American University of Sharjah, UAE)
Vishal Goyal (Punjabi University, India)
Rahul Upneja (University of Manitoba, Canada)
Guest Editors
International Journal of Synthetic Emotions (IJSE)