Case Books

About the Collection

Case Books provide a unique opportunity for research to take the shape of experience, implementation, and application. Real-life impacts of technology in a particular setting are described, analyzed, and synthesized for the objective of offering solutions for successful strategies. Also addressed are organizational challenges and pitfalls experienced during an implementation of various technological applications. Case Books are marketed to academicians and international libraries for direct course usage and are regarded as instructional tools.

Case Book Publications:

Cases on Circular Economy in Practice
Pietro De Giovanni (Luiss University, Italy)
Release Date: July 2022. Copyright © 2023. 300 pages. $195.00
In today’s business world, firms and policymakers all utilize circular economy. However, there is a lack of knowledge on how circular economy systems work, which tec...
Cases on Developing Effective Research Plans for Communications and Information Science
María-Victoria Carrillo-Durán (University of Extremadura, Spain), Margarita Pérez Pulido (University of Extremadura, Spain)
Release Date: June 2022. Copyright © 2022. 335 pages. $195.00
Different events in communication and information in today’s society have highlighted the significant role that research plays in these two fields of the social scie...
Cases on Teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP) During COVID-19: Insights From Around the World
Lucas Kohnke (The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Release Date: June 2022. Copyright © 2022. 315 pages. $185.00
The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the educational landscape as higher education institutions around the world were forced to close their physical campuses to slow or...
Cases on International Business Logistics in the Middle East
Islam Abdelbary (University of Plymouth, UK), Sandra Haddad (Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt), Ghada Elkady (Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt)
Release Date: June 2022. Copyright © 2022. 325 pages. $215.00
The importance of supply chain and logistics knowledge has been growing significantly with the beginning of the new millennium, especially after the COVID-19 pandemi...
Cases on Establishing Effective Collaborations in Academic Libraries
Mary E. Piorun (University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA), Regina Fisher Raboin (University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA)
Release Date: May 2022. Copyright © 2022. 335 pages. $195.00
The forming and nurturing of new partnerships and collaborations is a critical component of librarianship. Academic libraries have a long history of collaboration wi...
Cases on Organizational Communication and Understanding Understudied Groups
Jessica A. Kahlow (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA)
Release Date: May 2022. Copyright © 2022. 236 pages. $215.00
In today’s business world, understanding and supporting understudied groups is vital to maintain workplace diversity, safety, and ethics as well as promote a positiv...
Cases on Emerging Market Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Raj K. Kovid (Sharda University, India), Vikas Kumar (Chaudhary Bansi Lal University, India)
Release Date: May 2022. Copyright © 2022. 325 pages. $215.00
The COVID-19 pandemic was an extreme exogenous shock that had an adverse impact on every facet of human lives, including business. However, the pandemic has also pro...