A Mathematico-Physical Understanding of the Not-Being Potential and Creation of Parallel Universes by the Energy of Consciousness in Life Forms

A Mathematico-Physical Understanding of the Not-Being Potential and Creation of Parallel Universes by the Energy of Consciousness in Life Forms

Changsoo Shin (Seoul National University, South Korea) and Nami Lee (Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9065-1.ch008


This chapter approaches the subject of the not-being potential that created the universe from a mathematical and physical point of view. It postulates that the not-being potential existed prior to the Big Bang, the energy that was produced from the not-being potential to the being became a highly dense cosmic egg. This cosmic egg of infinite temperature exploded to create the current universe. This assumption is demonstrated by mathematical formulas and physics laws, which provide a solid scientific foundation for the aforementioned theory. Consequently, the authors show that the transformation of life forms' unconsciousness into consciousness creates parallel universes in a similar way by which the nor-being potential creates the universe.
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According to the recent big bang theory that explains the beginning of life in the universe, humans with egos appeared on earth only 13.8 billion years after the universe was created (Hawking & Penrose, 1970). Humans have shown great interest in matters of birth and death, as well as our place of origin and destination upon death, while religion continuously attempts to provide an answer. Therefore, it is possible to say that the origin of religion can be traced as far back as the birth of Homo sapiens as a species (King, 2009).

[The field/study of] physics has evolved from Newton's classical mechanics to Einstein's general theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and particle physics, and made great progress in understanding both the macro and micro sides of the material universe. Accompanying these developments was another attempt to explain the structure of the universe using the superstring theory (Zweibach, 2009). From the 1970s to 1980s, John H. Schwarz and Michael Green argued that all matter in the universe was composed of tiny strings of energy that vibrate in various dimensions (Green, Schwartz, & Witten, 1988). Furthermore, physicists came to accept the cosmic background radiation theory as it relates to the primeval universe. The theory explains that the universe began to form from a single point with a very high density and temperature. The membrane theory, a big bang theory that explains how the universe came to be, also attempts to describe how the big bang occurred. In his membrane theory, E. Witten brought five different string theories together and argued that the big bang was created by a collision of branes between two parallel universes (Witten, 2012). However, the question of who initialized the vibration of so many tiny strings remains unresolved.

In this paper, we put forward a hypothesis that assumes time started when the supernatural potential that had existed as the not-being became the being, and a gigantic amount of high-density energy was released in the process. According to our hypothesis, the ultra-high density energy that was released during the not-being-to-being transformation process is assumed to be the big bang. We argue that the not-being can be expressed using an infinite recursive Heaviside step function, and assume it to be the not being’s potential. We claim that the differentiation of the not-being with respect to time is the process of becoming being, and in a world where only time exists, the energy produced thereafter became a highly dense cosmic egg. Similarly, the consciousness of human beings is also a kind of ardent wish which arises from the process of differentiating a lump of the unconsciousness with respect to time, and has a considerable amount of energy whose magnitude and strength are sufficient to create multi-universes even though they are insignificant compared to the energy of the big bang.

In 1957, H. Everett extended the micro-scale Schrödinger's cats example to macro scale multi universes (Everett, 1957), but, discouraged by contemporary physicists, he died at the young age of 52. Multi universes, which we will discuss, are similar to his famous multi-universe idea but are not directly linked to this paper's main idea of generating the energy for multi universes during the transformation from unconsciousness to consciousness in life forms.

In treating distributions in distribution (recursive Heaviside step function), we suggest how to eliminate the issue of the chain rule in obtaining derivatives of recursive Heaviside functions by introducing a hybrid ontology. As the main objective of this paper, we try to attribute our unconsciousness to a special solution of the multi-dimensional advection partial differential equation, as well as to prove that it can be represented by the finite recursive Heaviside step function similar to the not-being potential during the unconscious to conscious transformation process. Consequently, we exist within a certain kind of awareness system originating from our consciousness and beliefs.

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