A Novel Approach of Symmetric Key Cryptography using Genetic Algorithm Implemented on GPGPU

A Novel Approach of Symmetric Key Cryptography using Genetic Algorithm Implemented on GPGPU

Srinivasa K. G., Siddesh G. M., Srinidhi Hiriyannaiah, Anusha Morappanavar, Anurag Banerjee
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1763-5.ch012
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The world of digital communication consists of various applications which uses internet as the backbone for communication. These applications consist of data related to the users of the application, which is confidential and integrity needs to be maintained to protect against unauthorized access and use. In the information hiding field of research, Cryptography is one of the wide techniques used to provide security to the internet applications that overcome the challenges like confidentiality, integrity, authentication services etc. In this paper, we present a novel approach on symmetric key cryptography technique using genetic algorithm that is implemented on CUDA architecture.
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1. Cryptography

In our daily life of internet applications and email systems, keeping data and messages confidentially is more important, for example in the launch of nuclear codes and other mission critical systems, in spy’s profession the data confidentiality is not compromised. The science of protection of data and communications is called Cryptography (Viega & McGraw, 2001) and (Stinson, 2005). There are many applications where cryptography is applied currently in the fields of e-commerce transactions where examples include purchase using credit cards, wire money transfer etc. In this section, we discuss basic terminologies that are used in cryptography.

The transmission of a message involves two key elements namely the sender and the receiver. In Cryptography the messages are sent between sender and the receiver using encryption and decryption techniques, ensuring the information is received by the intended receivers without any intruders in the middle of the communication (Kessler, 2015). The basic model and different terminologies used in the cryptography are as shown in the Figure 1.

  • Plain Text: The message that needs to be transmitted from the sender to the receiver in the original form.

  • Encryption: A phase where the original message is encoded using a key.

  • Cipher Text: The text that is the result of the encryption phase.

  • Decryption: A phase of extracting the original message from the encoded message using a key.

Figure 1.

Basic model of cryptography


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