A Review of Systems Reliability Analysis Using Fuzzy Logic

A Review of Systems Reliability Analysis Using Fuzzy Logic

Mohammad Abdolshah, Ali Samavi, Seyyed Amirmohammad Khatibi, Maryam Mamoolraftar
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5709-8.ch017
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Reliability is one of the important aspects in product quality that shows efficiency or operation of the product, failure rate, and confidence. When the efficiency of the product is reduced below a desired level, the product is said to have failure. In real world, data collection or access of detailed features of the system is often difficult because of incomplete or unavailable information and probabilistic approach to the conventional reliability analysis. Therefore, to solve this problem, fuzzy set theory is used to evaluate system reliability. This research studies the literature on the reliability of fuzzy systems. Several studies have shown that fuzzy logic method can be more appropriate in comparison with classical methods and mathematical modeling.
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Reliability And Failure Rate

Reliability is one of the important aspects of product quality that Murphy (2000) define reliability as follows:

The reliability of a product (system) is likely the product will carry out its mission for a specified period of time under environmental or normal conditions. Also reliability has several definitions:

  • The suitability of a device for a purpose at a specific time.

  • The capacity of the system or equipment to carry out the mission for which it is designed.

  • Resistance of the system or device to failure.

  • The probability that the unit in operation will be able to perform the desired task in a timely manner.

  • System capability for low cost failure.

Reliability is strongly dependent on the concept of failure. Many products will decline with increasing age and use and this naturally affects the reliability of the product. When the performance of the product falls below optimal levels then the product is called failure. The two definitions of failure are:

  • 1.

    To finish the ability of a component to perform the required task (IEC50 (191), 1990).

  • 2.

    Equipment failure is that the equipment is not capable of performing its intended operation under specified operating conditions for which it was designed (Nieuwhof, 1984).

Also the technical reliability is defined as follows (IEC60050-191, 1990): The ability of a component to perform the required task under the terms for a given time period.

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