A Review of the Digital Cinema Chain: From Production to Distribution

A Review of the Digital Cinema Chain: From Production to Distribution

Andreja Samčović (University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Copyright: © 2016 |Pages: 29
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8850-6.ch012
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This chapter deals with digital cinema chain as digital cinema (DC) offers an enhanced viewing experience for audiences, content flexibility, and distribution cost savings. Taking into account that the transition from physical media to electronic one represents a paradigm shift in video compression techniques and applications, archival requirements have been analyzed. A brief overview of the DC specification has been provided as was also discussed how JPEG 2000 was utilized within this specification. The current status of digital cinema was surveyed with a focus on the compression part of the DC system. To make the system practical and economic, various coding techniques have been applied to compress DC data for archive and distribution purposes. Standardization process for archival applications is considered. Features used for shot cut detection that are robust against the artifacts in film material have also been presented.
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The abbreviations used in this chapter are shown in Table 1.

Table 1.
List of abbreviations
     Abbreviation     Meaning
     DC     Digital Cinema
     JPEG     Joint Photographic Expert Group
     DCI     Digital Cinema Initiatives
     DVD     Digital Versatile Disc
     DSM     Digital Source Master
     DCDM     Digital Cinema Distribution Master
     DCP     Digital Cinema Package
     TIFF     Tagged Image File Format
     MXF     Material eXchange Format
     WAV     Waveform Audio File
     DPX     Digital Picture eXchange
     XML     eXtensible Markup Language
     MPEG     Motion Picture Expert Group
     PNG     Portable Network Graphics
     3D     three-dimensional
     M-JPEG     Motion-JPEG
     KDM     Key Delivery Message
     RSA     Rivest Shamir Adleman
     USB     Universal Serial Bus
     DLP     Digital Light Processing
     ISO     International Organization for Standardization
     DCT     Discrete Cosine Transform
     HEVC     High Efficient Video Coding
     PSNR     Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio
     JCT-VC     Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding
     SMPTE     Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
     HD     High Definition
     SD     Standard Definition

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