Absorption Coefficients of Inelastic Dynamic X-Ray Diffraction

Absorption Coefficients of Inelastic Dynamic X-Ray Diffraction

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The X-ray inelastic scattering phenomena during the time-dependent perturbations are described with the aid of dynamical dispersion equations coupled with charge current in the Maxwell equations towards the appearance of the Debye-Waller factor driving the absorption coefficient, either for inelastic thermal diffusion and the Compton scattering, respectively.
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15.2. Dispersion Equation In Inelastic Diffraction

From Chapter 12 will be deduced the dispersion equation, considering the Maxwell equation for the microscopic fields, with the current density induced in the crystal by X, the electromagnetic field of frequency:

(15.1) where the current density 978-1-4666-4687-2.ch015.m04, is written as an observed value, by the mean of the current operator in the fundamental state of the system crystal’s electrons + electromagnetic field as shown in Box 1

Box 1.­
978-1-4666-4687-2.ch015.m05 (15.2)

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