Acceptable Use Policies

Acceptable Use Policies

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9519-1.ch014


This chapter examines critical state and federal requirements for the development of acceptable use policies. It also reviews the role of acceptable use policies in shaping the approach of schools toward student off-campus speech. It highlights components that should be included in acceptable use policies. It also reveals that school districts are increasingly adopting responsible use policies in order to address the student use of personal electronic devices. Acceptable use policies and responsible use policies are viable avenues for school officials to minimize violations of students' First Amendment right to free speech since they are designed to inform and seek student as well as parent consent regarding use of technology-based devices at the school.
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This chapter provides an overview of important legal and policy guidelines of AUPs. The first part discusses important state and federal requirements in developing AUPS. The second part identifies the components that all AUPs should possess. The final part discusses how school districts have recently begun to move away from AUPs toward RUPs to address the use of personally-owned mobile devices on school grounds.

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