Accessibility for Everyone in Health Communication Mobile Application Usage

Accessibility for Everyone in Health Communication Mobile Application Usage

ihsan Eken (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey) and Basak Gezmen (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2329-2.ch006
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With the development of new communication technologies and the change and transformation of mobile applications, communication styles also acquire a different dimension. Currently, individuals can access information about many health-related issues easily and quickly. Mobile applications also provide support to individuals in this area anywhere at any time. However, awareness about mobile applications and their availability is important at this point. While the transformation in the technological field makes life easier for users, not everyone (young, old, disabled, etc.) enjoys the advantages equally. In this study, user-based usability testing will be carried out on the axis of E-nabız application with female users above 65 years selected according to certain criteria. The E-nabız application is a platform for all citizens registered to the E-devlet system to access health information. In this context, besides pointing out the accessibility problems of the application, possible solutions will also be offered.
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Importance Of The Concept Of Health In Communication Process And Health Communication

The concept of health, which may vary from society to society, from culture to culture, has come out of its static structure in the past, and today, it is dynamic and committed to the process. In the World Health Organization's definition of health, the concept of health is expressed not only as not being sick and disabled, but also as being comfortable and fine both physically and mentally and socially (Okay, A-2009, s. 13). The availability of all the biological health, social health and psychological health, which are known as the three basic components of health, in individuals is also used in the definitions of concept of health. The integrity of mental, physical and social health is important for the individual. Human being, which is physically an organism, is approached psychologically with his individuality and personality traits, attitudes and behaviors, and socially with his roles and interactions in the society as a group member. Successful holistic functioning of each of the elements which are possessed refers to the status of being healthy and functional impairment in any one of them indicates a disease. At this point, the ultimate duty of health services is to try to increase all these elements and to make the necessary effort in protecting and improving the individual health (Yakut, 2008, p. 23-24).

Instead of the word “communication”, which was transferred from French to our language, the expression “informing each other” was often used in the past. Nowadays, communication can be defined as a comprehensive message exchange which includes the phenomenon of informing each other in general. However, as can be understood from the state of belonging to many people or objects within the meaning of communication, not only a simple message exchange, but an environment of social interaction is expressed. Here, the concepts of exchange and sharing are also important (Zıllıoğlu, 2003, p. 3).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Availability: It is the use of web sites, programs or applications by people efficiently, effectively and satisfactorily.

Health: a state of psychological, physical and social well-being.

User-based Usability Testing: It is the testing of the application by various elements such as moderator and rapporteur, on real users, by assigning various tasks.

Health Communication: All applications for the protection and promotion of health.

Accessibility: It is the state of each user to have access to any information at any time.

User Diversity: User groups divided into various factors such as age, gender and disability.

Mobile Application: The applications, which have recently emerged with the Internet and smart phones and which enable people to obtain information in the areas of entertainment, business, education, etc. and spend time.

E-nabiz: It is an application developed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, which comprises the health information of all citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

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