Advergamers: New Advertising Fans of the Digital Age

Advergamers: New Advertising Fans of the Digital Age

Veysel Çakmak (Aksaray University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2373-4.ch005
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Digital game world consists of limitless number of interactive platforms which appeal to the dreams of the players and where they feel comfortable. Especially young individuals are grown up under the influence of those platforms such as computers, television, mobile phones, and tablet pc. On the contrary to the generally known game addictiveness, it is a motivating instrument which develops their imaginary. Digital games are the virtual environments where their imagination develops. Digital games are the virtual environments where people form an interaction with computers or each other through a program. The player may play games against the computer by himself as well as he may play against other people in any region of the world. As seen in every field, advertising has also found a wide publicity in this field. In this study, the advergames and their interactions with game advertisement narration will be discussed.
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The current age is known as the digital age due to the instruments such as mobile phones, computer, tablet pc and internet. People intensively employ digital instruments at home or work. As for companies, the use of those instruments has become a necessity especially in terms of quality products and services. Moreover, they adapt themselves to those instruments. Despite their risks, technological instruments provided institutions significant opportunities mostly in collecting, classifying, sharing and storing the data. As seen in every field, those opportunities are also seen the field of advertising. The advertisers advertise the product and services through a specific style in all the instruments which consumers use in order to influence the consumers.

In this study, advergamers which have fans in digital games which people effectively take place in the digital platform in order to entertain and spend time are discussed. Advergamers are the advertisement players for computers which were prepared for the web and similar communication channels.

Progress in the technological innovations and especially the development of the mass communication instruments has required the interaction of the individual in the society. Thanks to the increase in the communication instruments, the people in the digital environments started to be in interaction more. Individuals of today are not only the watchers but also the participants (Çetin & Özgiden, 2013).Especially in recent years, internet sites have become the center of the interaction.

Today, every brand-name of all sorts of companies and institutions have a specific internet site. The web sites of the companies begins with only one way of advertising and that point is getting in touch with potential and current clients. However, the usage rate of it is increasing very rapidly. The satisfaction of the visitors during their usage is the focal point and the site is employed in order to develop closer relationships with them (Sutherland & Sylvester, 2003, p. 322). There are numerous public, private, informing and entertaining internet sites in the internet environment. The companies advertise in the other internet sites as well as they utilize their own internet sites since they want to remain being catchy. For that reason, they head for advertisement in the internet environment.

Advertisement is the total of efforts to adopt every element which is subject to marketing in accordance with the determined objectives and through persuasive instruments and methods of mass communication and through paying for its costs. The advertisement has functions such as informing, convincing, reminding, and adding values (Babacan, 2008, p. 27).

In the advertisement there are three main objectives such as determining, promotion and attesting. If we look from the perspective of buyer target groups, advertisement informs the individuals and directs him to the needed products. At this point, advertisement helps the consumer in determining or selecting the product. Advertisement also helps in determining the choice or preferences of the consumers related to the brand names. Conducting preliminary examination in order to determine the buyer target groups of the services, products and opinions just before the advertisement campaigns begin and determining the classes of the buyers reflecting direct proportion to the sales. Promotion is the total of activities in order to inform public about a product, a service and an opinion. Numerous instruments are employed while giving a demonstration. Among them, the most effective one is the advertisement. Finally, the advertisers emphasize the confirmation certificates in the advertisements through rhetoric methods in the form of evident in order to emphasize the effects of realities on the buyers for the advertised product. Or, they prefer to employ experienced health workers in order to convince the target group the product would be good for their health. In the advertisements of toothpaste, the dentist tells his boy patient that the tooth-decays wouldn’t occur if he uses toothpaste regularly. The evidence may be measured not only during the advertising the products but also through measuring their effects on the target group before or after they are broadcasted and; thus it may also be measured that whether or how much they are influenced from such advertisements (Kırlar Barokas, 2011, pp. 95-99; Çam, 2016).

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