Advertisement Practices in Bangladesh: Agency Perspectives

Advertisement Practices in Bangladesh: Agency Perspectives

S. S. M. Sadrul Huda, Afsana Akhtar, Md. Humayun Kabir, Omar Faruq
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3201-0.ch005
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Advertisements are constantly losing their appeal as people question their credibility. Advertising agencies are pushing the boundaries to increase their ad reach, but they seem to forget about this. This chapter focuses on the factors that might be the reason for the failure of the current advertisement industry in Bangladesh. This chapter is based on secondary research and field surveys. Secondary research was done based on several renowned research papers, journals, newspaper articles, and so forth. The field survey was conducted specifically focusing on the advertisement experts, executives of 300 advertising agencies in Bangladesh. Almost all of the respondents agree that ads are transforming rapidly. They also agree with the fact that these ads are becoming really interesting to watch. At the same time, respondents think that ads are somehow negatively affecting the cultural and social issues of Bangladesh. They have also marked down some ethical issues of the current advertising trend of Bangladesh.
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Advertisement is unidirectional and paid form of communication that is used to circulate the product or services information (Wells et al., 2007). Since World War II, it has become a traditionally high-profile management function (Fraedrich et al., 1989; Tansey & Hyman, 1993). The primary focus of the advertisement is to heighten business profitability. Therefore, companies do not even hesitate to ignore many social aspects while designing an advertisement campaign (Bari & Abbas, 2011). In contemporary marketing practices, advertisement refers to create a demand for a specific product in the mind of the consumers so that they feel to have the product in their possession, whether they need that product or not (Singh, 1998). Advertisements try to establish a thought that, the certain product will make their life better, happier, and more successful (Frolova, 2014).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Advertisement: It is a communication system between buyers and sellers.

Social Media Marketing: A form of digital marketing.

New Media Advertising: It integrates all digital marketing channels for better communication with audience.

Advertising Agencies: A firm creates and run advertisement for another firm.

Digital Marketing: It is a marketing channel that uses online and digital media for advertisement.

Mass Media: Promoting for a large number of audience through mass communication.

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