Advertising Sector in Turkey: A Historical Analysis

Advertising Sector in Turkey: A Historical Analysis

Eda Turanci
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3270-6.ch016
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Advertising is a growing global industry that aims to create demand for products, goods, and services, and keeps demand alive and promotes and increases sales and profits. Advertising is also an important source of income for the media. The aim of this study is to examine both the development of the advertising industry in Turkey from a historical perspective and to shed light on the economic relationship of advertising within the media industry and consumption. In addition, the study aims to provide a brief descriptive analysis of the international advertising agencies operating in Turkey. In the current study, the economic functions of advertising can be split into two. One of these points to the relationship established with consumption and the other points to the relationship established with the media. Although it is not possible to limit the functions of advertising from an economic point of view, it has a certain limitation in terms of the scope and purpose of the study.
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Functions Of Advertising As An Economic Factor

Advertising, which itself is an economic factor, also has many economic functions. Mattelart (n.d., p. 103) provides a description of the economic functions of advertising as the following, “advertising is the basis of competition in the market” and “makes a fundamental contribution to the financing of media”. Therefore, advertising is functional in terms of maintaining commercial relations, circulating goods, increasing consumption and also profits of companies. This study will examine how the concept of modern consumption in Turkey has developed, and also the economic relationship between the advertising sector and the media. It should be noted that it is not possible to define advertising only within the economic functions. Accordingly, in addition to the ideological functions of advertising, advertising has effects on creating signs and symbolic values, carrying these values and meanings, building consumer culture and creating images, but since each study has a limitation, this study only focuses on the economic functions of advertising.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Advertising Agency: Companies that provide services to advertisers in matters such as the creation, planning and management of advertising based on the purpose of selling a product or a service.

Consumption: Use of goods and services to meet needs.

International Advertising Agency: Global companies that have an international network and serve in many different regions of the world.

Advertising: Promoting the advertiser for various purposes in mass media for a fee.

National/Independent Agency: Small and local-scale companies not involved in any international capital.

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