An Ambient Multi-Agent System for Healthcare Monitoring of Patients With Chronic Diseases

An Ambient Multi-Agent System for Healthcare Monitoring of Patients With Chronic Diseases

Imane Boussebough (Constantine 2 University, Algeria), Issam Eddine Chaib (Constantine 2 University, Algeria) and Billel Boudjit (Paris 13 University, France)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 11
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7071-4.ch003


Chronic diseases are a major cause of death in the world. Thus, many guidelines have been proposed to prevent these diseases. In addition, various systems have been developed to ease health monitoring. However, they are generally behaving as reminders or as anomaly detection systems. After giving an overview of the existed solutions and discussing their drawbacks, the authors present their system which is called ambient healthcare monitoring system (AHMS). It provides a continuous, unobtrusive, and mobile health monitoring of patients with chronic diseases. It is based on the multi-agent paradigm that allows devices to be distributed and autonomous. In addition, it benefits from the characteristics of ambient intelligence (AmI) such as ubiquity and context-awareness. So, AHMS is a promising solution for unobtrusive healthcare monitoring, in which it offers efficient medical services, with less energy consumption, that can significantly reduce the healthcare cost by automating some routine tasks. Consequently, it reduces the latency as well it minimizes the overload on the caregiver.
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In the literature, there are several context-aware systems designed for healthcare monitoring, such as Ubiquitous Context-aware Healthcare Service System (UCHS) and Context-Aware Middleware for Pervasive Homecare (CAMPH).

UCHS (Lo, Chen, Cheng, & Kung, 2011) is a decision support system that uses micro sensors to sense user’s life vital signal. It is composed of four services, which provide relevant medicine recommendations to its user. It is built upon an integrated service platform, where it uses a semantic network to infer the medical experts and to analyse the influence of the proposed therapy.

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