An Analysis on the Use of Information Technology as a Tool to Support the Company's Business Performance X

An Analysis on the Use of Information Technology as a Tool to Support the Company's Business Performance X

Francisco de Sousa Lima Neto (Faculdade de Educação de Bacabal (FEBAC), Brazil)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3012-1.ch032
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The technology of information in organizations gives easy access to information and optimizes the business performance, automates routine tasks, improves internal control of operations, and improves customer service. This study analyzes the use of technology of information as a supportive tool for business performance. The methodological approach was the quantitative and qualitative, descriptive and purpose applied to a study case in the institution which served to the sample survey in the studied company, with the participation of 12 employees, including 2 immediate directors and 10 base employees. The results show that the studied company makes use of TI in almost all its activities, contributed to the development of work processes and causing positive effects on company performance. However, the fact that these results can be further optimized reinforces the suggestions of employees, mainly investing in capacity building and training programs and improvements in available technology infrastructure.
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Information’s technology has increasingly occupied places in organizations, in society and also in the lives of many people, whether through work, education or entertainment. It is almost impossible to perceive the current world without the presence of information technology, however, it is necessary to recognize and feel that this type of relationship needs to be treated with great attention, since it is one of the main success factors and the donation of this technology (ALBERTIN, 2007).

For Foina (2012), technology’s information was treated as something unnecessary, the problems were difficult to understand and were megalomaniacal budgets in the scenario, the issues related to this technology were avoided. Today it is different, it is indispensable and its costs are confronted with the benefits they bring.

According to Rezende (2008, p. 75), in order to meet business needs, the systems, information and resources available can not be disregarded, “the basic lack of knowledge of information technology and its resources has caused many problems and difficulties in companies “.

Why do companies use information technology? Based on the usage history, one of the main reasons companies use IT is the frantic search for competitive advantage and cost reduction (SOUZA & GOLDSTEIN 2006).

Information Technology offers benefits to organizations, and such benefits have been achieved by having a positive relationship when compared to the required investments. The benefits of use can be divided into tangible and intangible. The tangibles are those that affect the results of the company, the intangibles are those that cause improvements, however, do not affect the results of the company. These benefits of the use of IT are defined as cost, productivity, quality and innovation; They can be understood as the supply technology brings to organizations (ALBERTIN and ALBERTIN 2008).

This work aims at an analysis of the use of Information Technology as a tool to support Company X's business performance and to describe how the use of this tool helps the performance of this organization, highlighting the use of information as an indispensable part of success Company. To do this, identify which systems and technologies are used in the management of the company, and how these tools can provide a competitive advantage, to finally verify the results obtained as a competitive differential through Information Technology.

In the current scenario and with the expansion of technologies, it is understood that this topic is of great importance both for the professional growth of the researcher, who likes to study the area, and for the company studied, in which this research can yield fundamentals for a New organizational structure. For academics, it is acceptable because of the income that may come from its results, which will serve as a source of consultation for other academics. Before, the revelation is that it recommends the accomplishment of this study on an analysis on the use of Information Technology as a tool to support the corporate performance of Company X.

Nowadays, there is a great demand for technology, knowledge and information on the part of organizations, companies are increasingly in need of information that helps decision making and management, companies relate to each other and to the outside world through Exchange of information. This way, the important of information is perceivable (FOINA 2012).

Yanaze (2007) says that information consists of everything that brings important knowledge to the corporation, knowledge, in turn, is information processed and transmitted in order to enable learning.

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