Analysis of Breast Cancer and Surgery as Treatment Options

Analysis of Breast Cancer and Surgery as Treatment Options

Beatrice Ugiliweneza (University of Louisville, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-723-7.ch005
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In this case, we analyze breast cancer cases from the Thomson Medstat Market Scan® data using SAS and Enterprise Guide 4. First, we find breast cancer cases using ICD9 codes. We are interested in the age distribution, in the total charges of the entire treatment sequence and in the length of stay at the hospital during treatment. Then, we study two major surgery treatments: Mastectomy and Lumpectomy. For each one of them, we analyze the total charges and the length of stay. Then, we compare these two treatments in terms of total charges, length of stay and the association of the choice of treatment with age. Finally, we analyze other treatment options. The objective is to understand the methods used to obtain some useful information about breast cancer and also to explore how to use SAS and SAS Enterprise Guide 4 to examine specific healthcare problems.
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Setting The Stage

For the analysis in this whole chapter, we use SAS software and the SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1. SAS is software that is used for explaining statistically the data or for predicting results.

Enterprise Guide 4 is a point and click interface that uses SAS in-built functions. It helps the user to explore the power of SAS without writing the codes. Throughout this chapter, SAS and Enterprise Guide 4 are used to produce the results. We divide our study into three parts: Analysis of breast cancer, analysis of mastectomy and lumpectomy as breast cancer treatments and other frequent treatments used for breast cancer.

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