Antecedents of Online Privacy Protection Behavior: Towards an Integrative Model

Antecedents of Online Privacy Protection Behavior: Towards an Integrative Model

Anil Gurung (Neumann College, USA) and Anurag Jain (Salem State College, USA)
Copyright: © 2012 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-323-2.ch106


Individuals are generally concerned about their privacy and may withhold from disclosing their personal information while interacting with online vendors. Withholding personal information can prevent online vendors from developing profiles to match needs and wants. Through a literature review of research on online privacy, we develop an integrative framework of online privacy protection.
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Research has shown that privacy concerns act as a hindrance to the growth of electronic commerce (Hoffman, Novak, & Peralta, 1999; Miyazaki & Fernandez, 2001). In countering privacy concerns, the Federal Trade Commission has primarily relied upon fair information practices to guide privacy regulation in the United States (Milne, 2000). Fair information practices include the following: notice of the firm’s information practices regarding what personal information will be collected and how the collected information will be used; choice or consent regarding the secondary use of the information; accessibility of users to view their own data collected by companies; security of the collected data; and enforcement to ensure that companies comply with fair information practices.

Research shows that fair information practices have not been effective in alleviating the privacy concerns of consumers (Culnan, 2000). In the absence of stricter laws to ensure privacy, consumers adopt differing strategies to protect their identity online, for instance, falsification, passive reaction, and identity modification (e.g., Sheehan & Hoy, 1999). For the purpose of this chapter, the strategies adopted by consumers to protect their identity are defined under the general term of “privacy protection behavior” in an online environment.

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