Appendix D: Abbreviations and Neurological Adjectives

Appendix D: Abbreviations and Neurological Adjectives

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Neurological Descriptions Of Locations In The Brain

Mainly based on Latin. Adapted from: R.M. Youngson: Collins Dictionary of Medicine. Harper Collins Publ., Glasgow, 1992.

  • basal = pertaining to, situated at or forming a base  /  caudal = pertaining to the tail end (of the brain, body,…)

  • contralateral = pertaining to the opposite side (of the body)

  • dorsal = relating to the back

  • frontal = pertaing to the forehead

  • inferior = situated below  /  superior = above  /  anterior = at or towards the front of the body  (ante = before, in front of)

  • ipsilateral = pertaining to the same side (of the body)

  • lateral = of, at or towards the side  (contra-lateral = opposite side; ipsi-lateral = same side)

  • medial = middle  /  nasal = pertaining to, near to, toward the nose

  • occipital = rear lobe (of the main brain)

  • parietal = pertaining to the wall or outer surface (of the brain)

  • peri = round about, surrounding  /  pre = before, preceding to or prior to  /  sub = under, less  /  hyper = above, beyond, over

  • temporal = pertaining to the temples

  • ventral = pertaining to the front;  venter (Lat.) = belly

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