Applicability of WSN and Biometric Models in the Field of Healthcare

Applicability of WSN and Biometric Models in the Field of Healthcare

Nikhil Sharma, Ila Kaushik, Bharat Bhushan, Siddharth Gautam, Aditya Khamparia
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5068-7.ch016
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Health is considered as the most important ingredient in human life. Health is wealth is the most frequent used proverb. A healthy person can perform its entire task with full enthusiasm and great energy and can solve all problems as mind is a powerful weapon, which controls all our functioning. But now due to change in our lifestyles, we are becoming prone to all kinds of health hazards. Due to unhealthy mind, we are not able to perform any tasks. Humans are becoming victims of many diseases and one of the most common reason for our degradation in health is stress. In this chapter, the authors present role of WSN and biometric models such as two factor remote authentication, verifying fingerprint operations for enhancing security, privacy preserving in healthcare, healthcare data by cloud technology with biometric application, and validation built hybrid trust computing perspective for confirmation of contributor profiles in online healthcare data. A comparison table is formulated listing all the advantages and disadvantages of various biometric-based models used in healthcare.
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Health is one of the most essential state in human life. No task is carried out without being healthy, whether it is personal or professional life. In order to have proper functioning in all aspects one must be mentally and physically fit. Healthy living has the opportunity, motivation and capability to perform and act in all aspects. Some common factors such as specific diet requirements must be considered important for being healthy (Barbara et al.,2016). Proper diet plan, exercise, sound sleep are main ingredients of healthy life. But now a days, due to excessive work load and eating habits humans are becoming more vulnerable to diseases. Due to advancement in field of technology no physical work is carried out by humans due to which they are becoming unhealthy and prone to diseases. As increase in the number of humans visiting hospitals, taking appointments from doctors, lot of time is being wasted. Now as people have less time, they are not interested to have long span of time. For that purposes biometric have done tremendous work in health sector (Alpaslan, 2016). Everything is now automated which saves time. If person needs to visit doctor, patients’ card is created which acts as a smart card having all the details of the patient such as his id, name, age, phone number, gender, address. Using this card, authenticity of the patient is being maintained and every time he need not have to get all his details entered. Just during his next visit card is being scanned and all the updates are being carried out. For treatment of iris and retina, biometric techniques are used which in very less amount of time are used for doing any eye surgery (Khosrowjerdi,2016). Laser based techniques are also used for this purpose. Security plays a very crucial role in any type of secure system. Main features of security such as secrecy which means the intended message must be kept secret during transmission, integrity which means there must be no modification in between while sending and receiving messages, availability which means the message must be available in future for further references (Amjad et al.,2017). In order to have security in the system, many biometric systems are being installed which uses face, palm recognition techniques to have authentication within the system and the outside intruders cannot steal any confidential information from the system (Bakke,2017). In the later section of the chapter, different biometric models such as two factor remote authentication, for security purposes effective fingerprint technique using biometric is adopted, privacy preserving in healthcare, Healthcare information using cloud technology with biometric application & Biometric Validation (Chattopadhyay,2016) based combined technique for trust computing perspective for authentication of providers profile in online healthcare data are studied. A comparison table is designed listing all the Merits and Demerits of the biometric system used in health care.

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