Application of Lens Model in HRM Research: An Effective Tool for Measurement and Analysis

Application of Lens Model in HRM Research: An Effective Tool for Measurement and Analysis

Fakir Mohan Sahoo (Xavier University, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-4947-5.ch004
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The appropriate use of data-gathering tools and statistical analysis is a formidable challenge in several domains of HRM research. The application of Brunswik's lens mode offers an innovative strategy in this context. Brunswik's lens model is presented and its procedural application as suggested by Hammond in terms of social judgment theory is elaborated. A broad range of application domains including multiple-cue learning, cognitive conflict, policy formation and social issues is described. Studies carried out in Indian context are reviewed. The immense possibility of application in HRM domain is indicated. The idiographic-statistical elements are pointed out. It is asserted that the application of lens model in HRM research would pave the way for greater elegance and expansion of research.
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Social Judgment Theory

Hammond (1966) contents that humans learn, adapt and achieve in probabilistic circumstances. For instance, several parameters predict weather. It is also the fact that each of the parameters has a definite relationship with weather prediction. Yet, an individual is far from grasping the relative importance of each of the parameters in weather prediction. Individuals may identify wrong cues (parameters) as predictors of weather. The actual happenings (e.g, rain) may provide corrective feedback and the individual gradually alters his or her priority system. It is important to recognize that there is an objective (scientific) relationship between a cue (e.g., temperature) and weather (e.g., rain); there is also a subjective (perceived) relationship between the cue and the outcome (weather). The former is called achievement while the latter is known adaptation. It is possible to evaluate as to how an individual is moving from adaptation to achievement.

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