Applications of DC Motors

Applications of DC Motors

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This chapter gives the motivation behind using direct current machines and its application in various domains. The authors start discussing the applications of DC machines in toys, disk drives Steel rolling mills, Paper machines, Generator, Electrical Propulsion, Cranes, CD/DVD players, Electric vehicles, RC Vehicles, UAVs, Cement Plants, and Aircraft applications. They then provide a case study on the application of DC Chopper Motor Drive. They conclude the chapter by discussing the use of D.C. Series Motors in Electric Traction.
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Direct current (DC) machines have numerous applications. These applications range from our daily life to spacecraft applications. In our daily life, they are used in printers, fuel pumps, and electric vehicles. While in spacecraft applications, they are used in solar airplane, electric aircraft, and propulsion systems. In Figure 1, we show DC machines its applications. Table 1 shows the application of DC Machines along with their DC Motor Type and References.

Figure 1.

DC Machines and its applications

Table 1.
Application of DC Machines
Application AreaSub-Application AreaDC Motor TypeReference
Medical ApplicationsSleep Apnea TreatmentBLDC1-
Medical AnalyzerBLDC-
AutomotivePower SteeringMCBS BLDC2(Shao, 2006)
Engine Cooling FanMCBS BLDC(Shao, 2006)
Fuel/Water PumpMCBS BLDC(Shao, 2006)
HVAC MotorsMCBS BLDC(Shao, 2006)
Solar AirplaneBLDC(Ragot et al., 2008)
SpacecraftERHA PM BLDC3(Praveen et al., 2012)
Condition Monitoring(Juričić et al., 2001)
Speed ControlBLDC(Shanmugasundram et al., 2009)
Solar Heating System(Swan & Allen, 2010)
Electric AircraftEHA, EMABLDC(Boglietti et al., 2009)
Space Operated VehiclesAFC, Guided Missiles(Karthikeyan & Dhana Sekaran, 2011)
Fuel PumpsStepper Motor(Shanmugasundram et al., 2009)
Tissue Paper MachineBrushed/BLDC(Michael & Safacas, 2003)
Hard Disk DriverBLDC(Bianchi et al., 2006)
Solar TrackingBrushed/BLDC(Lam et al., 2012)
UAVPropulsion SystemBLDC(Gabriel et al., 2011; Solomon, 2007)
RoboticsStepper Motor(Aranjo, Soori & Talukder, 2012)
TextileTextile Rewinding MachineStepper Motor(Bellanova et al., 2007)
Electric VehiclesDC/PM BDLC(Xu et al., 2009)
Industry(Soressi et al., 2012)
Cement Plants(Fanslow & Drzymala, 2009)
ChopperDC Chopper Motor Drive(Reimers, 1973)

1 BLDC – Brushless DC Motor

2 MCBS BLDC – Microcontroller Based Sensorless BLDC

3 ERHA PM BLDC – Enclosed-Rotor Halback-Array Permanent Magnet BLDC

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