Approaching Information Architecture for a Market Intelligence System Based on Emerging Technologies

Approaching Information Architecture for a Market Intelligence System Based on Emerging Technologies

George Leal Jamil, Leandro R. Santos, Liliane C. Jamil, Augusto P. Vieira
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8470-4.ch001
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It was observed, in these last years, the consolidation of the market intelligence (MI) concept as a source of competitive results in several strategic ways, impacting decision-making and entrepreneurship. This article intends to explore the conceptualization of the MI process, observing specially its application in Healthcare sector under the emergence of new technologies. Approaching the healthcare market, a framework for an intelligence system for marketing decisions was discussed and it is now evaluated with the contribution of information architecture and new technologies concepts. The review formerly produced is updated regarding the focus of the MI system under the influences and potentialities for emerging technologies application, through a lemma of “digital transformation” (DT), validating and expanding market intelligence background towards new dynamism and application in Healthcare contexts.
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Theoretical Background

In this section, concepts will be discussed to form the fundamental base for market intelligence system theoretical background. This section is structured approaching first the basic descriptions, then information architecture, completed by an overview of emerging technologies and its possible application in corporative, marketing arenas and contexts. This aims to produce a solid base to develop the reflections around an updated view of MI cycle and how it is applied, for instance, for Healthcare processes and decisions.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Information architecture: Systematic way to produce design-oriented artifacts, such as plans and project specifications towards information management.

Big Data: Collaborative analysis done from structured (formally, predictable and formatted) and unstructured (posts, informal communication, social media usage) data regarding one specific topic.

Information Technology: Scientific field dedicated to study and promote science-based technologies to process information towards its application.

Information Systems: Set of organizational components, aggregated to process data and information aiming to produce knowledge.

Marketing: Set of managerial disciplines applied to add value to a service or product.

Artificial Intelligence: Scientific field which aims to study perspectives of computers and automated systems application to replace humans in repetitive operations.

Knowledge: Content produced from data and information, which retains the most valued experience of an event or phenomena.

Market Intelligence: A cyclic process to provide knowledge from collected data and information in one productive array, for strategic marketing decisions.

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