Automated System of Stabilization and Position Control of Aviation Equipment

Automated System of Stabilization and Position Control of Aviation Equipment

Olha Sushchenko (National Aviation University, Ukraine)
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In this chapter, the author presents the problems of design of the robust automated system for stabilization and control of platforms with aircraft observation equipment. The mathematical model of the triaxial stabilized platform is developed. The procedure of synthesis of robust stabilization system based on robust structural synthesis is represented. The above-mentioned procedure uses loop-shaping approach and method of the mixed sensitivity. The matrix weighting transfer functions are obtained. The optimization programs in MatLab are developed. The developed procedures are approved based on the results of simulation by means of the appropriate Simulink model. The obtained results can be useful for unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft of special aviation, which are used for monitoring technical objects and aerial photography. The technical contributions are procedures of the robust controller design represented as the flowchart. The proposed approach is validated by application of the theoretical suppositions to the concrete example and appropriate simulation results.
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Review Of Previous Literature

The main directions of the design of inertially stabilized platforms are given in (Hilkert, 2008). The problems of robust control are not mentioned in this publication although robustness is very important for aviation inertially stabilized platforms, which function in difficult conditions of real operation. The features of the design of aviation robust automated stabilization system depend significantly on the type of the researched vehicle. For example, papers (N. Wu & J. Yu. 2018) and (S. Kim, S. Cho & H. Him at all, 2018) are dealt with such different moving vehicles as the hypersonic vehicle and multirotor respectively.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Gyroscope: An instrument or device that measures rotational motion in the inertial space is called a gyroscope.

Stabilization System: A system that keeps the constant value of a controlled quantity under influence of changed disturbances, is called stabilization system.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: Aircraft without crew on the board is called an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Robust System: An automated system is called robust if they keep stability and performance indices in some permissible range in conditions of disturbances influence without using adaptation methods.

Gimbals: A set of frames suspended on bearings that allows rotation and control of a plant.

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