Being an Entrepreneur 4.0: SMART Goals and the VCIT Model

Being an Entrepreneur 4.0: SMART Goals and the VCIT Model

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-4978-9.ch001


Both the attitude and the spirit of Entrepreneur 4.0 should change from people interested in competing in hostile markets to entrepreneurs competing globally by following SMART goals and a proposed Decalogue of Rules described in the chapter. In this entrepreneurial strengthening process rooted in precise information, formation, working experience, and relational capital, SCM (Supply Change Management)-based business strategies play a key role. Strategies are driving toward proposing an original VCIT model intended to help entrepreneurs to design and put into action internationalization policies. Six symbiotic oceans define all possible market situations that the entrepreneur may encounter the life of the company.
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Opportunities are there where no one sees them. (Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba)


Understanding And Satisfying The Market

Businesses today face significant challenges, independently of their size, number and quality of stakeholders, and cash flow. The primary problem deals with how to compete successfully in hostile environments, where PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal) variables affect corporations. Firms that are successful in generating value in their products and services sold to their customers can guarantee their long-term survival in the market. Therefore, offering value to potential customers is much more important and economically fruitful than merely thinking of selling products and services generated by low quality and prices.

How does this value occur? The answer to this question is what the author of this book defines as “Business Meta-knowledge” (Figure 1.1) formed by four levels of meta-knowledge, as follows (Saiz-Álvarez, 2014)

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