The Why and the Benefits of Architecture

The Why and the Benefits of Architecture

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2527-3.ch009


The advantages of using architecture are examined from the information technology (IT) point of view in order to get a feel for the more general advantages that would apply to other areas of endeavour. Then IT architecture is reviewed in more detail to see in particular the levels of abstraction that are inherent in an architecture, moving from the general outline which shows the whole enterprise, down through progressive levels of detail, to the fine detail of actual implementation instructions. General architectural principles will be identified during the examination of the various architecture definitions.
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Advantages Gained By Using An Architecture

The discussion and evidence presented in the next two subsections is primarily focussed on information systems but in many cases the same principles and ideas can relate to the functioning of the organisation as a whole, as well as the information system. It can also be argued that the quality, comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the information system today, reflects directly on the effectiveness of the organisation.

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