Biochemic System of Medicine: Oldest Form of Nutraceutical Therapy

Biochemic System of Medicine: Oldest Form of Nutraceutical Therapy

Srijan Goswami (Indian School of Complementary Therapy and Allied Sciences, India), Sagarika Mitra (Indian School of Complementary Therapy and Allied Sciences, India), Piyasee Paul (Institute of Genetic Engineering, India), Dipjyoti Dey (Indian School of Complementary Therapy and Allied Sciences, India) and Sankalan Das (Institute of Genetic Engineering, India)
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The biochemic system of medicine, also known as the inorganic cell salt therapy, pioneered by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, following the footsteps of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, is the oldest form of nutraceutical therapy approved and recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the complementary therapies. The chapter presents the fundamental ideology and concepts that underlies the promising system of biochemic medicine as concisely, simply, and to-the-point as possible. The chapter begins with a brief introduction to biochemic system, nutrition science, and concepts of nutraceuticals, followed by a brief history and literature review. It covers biochemic system of medicine and its relevant concepts before closing the chapter with a conclusion.
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If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health. (Hippocrates, n.d.)

The author begins the chapter with the quote, said numerous times by the great Father of Medicine, Hippocrates himself in his scholarly works are appropriate and points out to one of the fundamental aspect that makes the foundation of Biochemic System of Medicine.

The system of medicine using simple inorganic cell salts as medicinal substances for preventing, treating, curing and managing diverse range of both acute and chronic health conditions are completely based on natural laws of biochemistry. Biochemistry is the study of chemical reactions and pathways essential for maintaining healthy life. The system of treatment with inorganic cell salts is approved by World Health Organization and are recognized by several Medical Councils worldwide. According to this system of treatment there are only 12 major natural inorganic components that can prevent and heal almost all types of diseases totally based on the natural laws of cure. Human body is composed several types of inorganic salts and each of them performs specific functions that are crucial for maintaining life and health. Among all the types of inorganic salts, the 12 most abundant and fundamental inorganic salts are mainly used as medicines in this system. There are no side effects of these medicines because the twelve inorganic salts are actually the natural chemical components that makes up the body and are available in nature. Diseases can be cured completely by administering a very small amount of inorganic cell salts in adequate concentration and potency, for a limited period of time. This medicines are suitable for newborns to old age persons. The Biochemic System of Medicine was proved and introduced by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in the year 1973. According to Dr. Schuessler, when a cell gets all the nutrients and salts that are necessary for performing their regular biochemical activities, the cell stays healthy and no disease can take over the cell, but if somehow there occurs deficiency of the required amount of nutrients or inorganic salts, the cells fails to perform their normal biochemical processes and functions, thus becomes weak and the disease takes over. So somehow if one can maintain or restore the nutrient and salt requirements of the cell, no diseases can take over. Dr. Schuessler explained in his research and the authors quote;

The relationship between the blood and the body is same as that of soil and plant. It is common phenomena that poor exhausted soil will produce only weak, sickly plants. In the same way poor blood lacking its essential constituents will produce disease prone and weak sickly bodies. By enriching the soil, the sick plants can be made to recover and flourish. The recovery of ailing human body can be achieved by a similar process that is by restoring to the blood the constituent in which it is lacking. (Schuessler, n.d.)

The term Nutraceutical also known as Functional Foods, may be new to the world but the underlying concept of treatment using natural products as medicines are very old practice in the history of medical sciences. The term Nutraceutical is composed of two fundamental words,

  • 1.

    The first one being Nutrition

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    The second one being Pharmaceutical.

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