Breaking Mind Inertia for Humane Business through E-Governance

Breaking Mind Inertia for Humane Business through E-Governance

Sangeeta Sharma (University of Rajasthan, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-240-4.ch011
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The changing economic scenario is redefining the socio-cultural dynamics. The notional domains of conventional concepts are changing and therefore humanitarian commerce is emerging as the new thrust area. This chapter examines the possibilities of penetrating the mind of individual entrepreneur to facilitate shift of focus from excessive materialism to humane business. The main structure of this chapter consists of basics of mind inertia, of humane business, and of restructuring the business values. The inter-relationship is vital and visible. The mind inertia cannot be broken without shifting the focus of business from materialism to humane which is possible by evolving a neo-ethical framework. This conceptual construct is based on the premiss that individuals in consonance with their desires define function of money. This is coherent with fact that to redefine the function of money the “desire” management is inevitable. The inter-mobility within these three basics can be increased with the intervention of e-governance.
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All social structures are composite of various functional units, which pave ways for in-roads of development. The parameters of development though vary from polity to polity and so vary the strategies but the core index of development must be constructed by having the measurable quanta for economic as well as for human activities. The commercial functions are important for generating capital but misappropriation of capital may lead to imbalance in the society thereby leading to the social disintegration. The reversal of this process should be the most urgent area of concern, for this, the activity needs to be undertaken at the mind level, which in turn would mean changing the whole perspective to look at the life objectives from an entirely renewed focus. The mind inertia refers to the lethargic state of minds of commercial people where they do not think beyond the context of materialism. This inertia needs to be broken before molding the mindsets of people in business for developing the inclination for humane activities by drawing philosophical content from the historical rooting to understand the focal construct of contentment. The technological proliferations have facilitated the penetration into individual’s psyche, which if utilized properly can set the right direction to build a balanced society. The importance of this analysis can be substantiated with the logic that earning money unfeelingly for satisfying materialistic desires is making people richer but at the cost of loosing right vision. The excessive indulgence in to moneymaking activity is disturbing the pace of peaceful coexistence. This is a normative analysis aiming at the preparation of a road map to take on the road that is so far less traveled by our business tycoons. This will require the perpetuation of eternal values and taking an attitudinal u-turn from excessive materialism. It is divided into three sub sections viz., Basics of Mind Inertia; Basics of Humane Business and Basics of Restructuring Business Values vis-à-vis the role of e-governance. The amalgamation of commercial functioning with humane thrust will entail full conviction and open mindedness due to its transcendental nature. To have a better insight it would be pertinent to analyze these basics with more elaborations.

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