Building Foundations for Understanding the International Travel Agency and Tour Operation

Building Foundations for Understanding the International Travel Agency and Tour Operation

Mohinder Chand Dhiman (Kurukshetra University, India) and Ravi Bhushan Kumar (Kurukshetra University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8434-6.ch001


International tourism is a global phenomenon that has experienced rapid growth during the last two decades, particularly in the developed countries of the world. Travel agencies and tour operation have become a pivotal aspect of the tourism industry. To help explain how, where, and why travel agency and tour operation have developed through the ages, its importance and significance in modern society, this chapter defines and builds an understanding. Thus, this chapter helps us understand the scale and extent of the growth in travel agencies and the tour operation business globally. Moreover, the chapter explores the historical perspectives, operational practices, and emerging typology of the travel agency.
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International Travel Agency And Tour Operation: Global Historical Perspectives

The origin & history of travel is as old as humankind on this the earth planet. Although the origin of civilizations era of travel history commenced side by side with human’s travel for empire expansion, trade, commerce, religious, cultural and educational purposes to all civilizations that lived on the earth. In beginning human wants/ needs were few and simple, limited to his physical existence such as food, clothing and shelter, however with the advances in the scale of human intelligence his wants increased many folds. Gradually human require was not limited to basic needs only, but the comforts, conveniences and luxuries of life also became necessary motivation. It is clear that the man is never satisfied, as one want is achieved then another arises in its place, and under that stimulus he achieves mighty conquests over the forces of nature. In this process he attained a high degree of development in the sphere of society, culture, science and technology etc. Thus, the history of travel is closely associated with growth of human civilization.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Tour Operator: A person or company which creates and/or markets inclusive tours and subcontracts with suppliers to create a package. Most tour operators sell through travel agents and/or directly to clients.

Travel Agency: A travel agency is an organisation/ firm that provide travel & tourism related services to the clients.

Mintiples: Travel agencies that focus on a particular region.

Online Travel Agency (OTA): An online travel agency can be utilized by a traveler in order to book everything they need for their trip in one place. This can include making hotel reservations, flight reservations and in-destination reservations like tours, attractions, activities.

Traditional Travel Agent: A travel agent who works out of a brick-and-mortar location, available in-person to help out people who want to plan a vacation.

Consolidator: A consolidator is an organization who puts all the ground components of a package together. For example, bus, activities, accommodation, programming.

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