Building Sudan Water Knowledge Sharing Based on Global Technology

Building Sudan Water Knowledge Sharing Based on Global Technology

Rafaa Ashamallah Ghobrial (National Centre for Research, Sudan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-907-1.ch007


Advances in information and communication technologies are key agents for global change. The emerging of new digital systems together with the ongoing processes of globalization is facilitating faster sharing of information and innovations. Knowledge is crucial need of any country as well as initiative of international communities which should be empowerment of all its citizens through access and use of knowledge. It listed briefly the knowledge sharing elements which make changes in our organization of work and daily life. The infrastructure of knowledge sharing in the Sudan is carefully studied. The water based knowledge is analyzed and finally digital knowledge assets that support and stimulating knowledge sharing are approached.
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Knowledge Sharing Fundamental Concepts And Elements

The author attempts to elaborate a set of fundamental concepts and elements which manage knowledge sharing and access.

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