How Business Changes Government in the Information Age

How Business Changes Government in the Information Age

J. V.D. Heijden
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 5
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-789-8.ch139
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EzGov is a leading company providing online solutions for governments. Ed Trimble, EzGov CEO, states, “He’s doing something that’s changing government, that’s changing the world, that’s really making a difference” (Diana, 2004). This article is about changing government. Considered as the main agent to change government are politics. Mainstream studies of public administration also consider government itself, judges and citizens as change agents. This fits with the classical, liberal vision on the public domain, wherein these parties are the only known subjects (see Howlett & Ramesh, 1995, pp. 52-59; Stone, 1997, pp. 351-372). In this vision companies are considered to be citizens. Problem then is to see clearly the profound influence business has on governmental change. With increasing velocity information technology products appear on the market that are especially designed to change government. Also with other products the government buys its own change, for instance with management consultancy. In the study of public administration a good view lacks on the importance business has here in changing government. That’s the focus of this article, what’s its purpose? First purpose is to give an explanation of the way business changes government with the products it sells. Second purpose is to come up with ideas on how to deliberately accept change of government by way of business products. How to do that in a way that both government and business will function better and present society with legitimate solutions for physical and social problems?

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