Business Models in the Renewable Energy Industry

Business Models in the Renewable Energy Industry

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Business models in the energy field are continuously developed in parallel with the transformation stages of the energy systems from the decentralized energy systems to centralized energy systems, to distributed energy systems and to smart energy systems. Concerning different specific approaches to business models we have selected a structure that helps the understanding of the main elements of a business model and also its specificity for renewable energy. The business models based on added value and the innovation as main added value represent the core of this chapter. The global trend to clean energy, to a low carbon economy and the related new technologies and new life standards represent opportunities that could be used by entrepreneurs in order to develop and implement new business ideas. The process of business ideas development is analyzed starting with creativity technics and it also includes also innovative measures to protect new business ideas. The main objective of this chapter is to understand the importance of business models and to know how to develop a business model with its specificity for the renewable energy field.
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Business Models And Its Need In The Renewable Energy Industry

Every company has a business model whether it is presented explicitly or not on the web site or in other internal documents. For entrepreneurs the business model represents an element of the gestation phase in the life cycle approach of a business (see chapter 1.1) where it is positioned after the phase of opportunity identification and previous to the phase that is dedicated to the elaboration of a business plan. In such a position the business model is an important tool that enables entrepreneurs to evaluate their relation with the main stakeholders, with the environment in which they want to start-up and develop their business idea.

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