Carbon Capture From Natural Gas via Polymeric Membranes

Carbon Capture From Natural Gas via Polymeric Membranes

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Polymeric membrane is a promising energy effective and an active alternative for conventional CO2 absorption column. The type of absorption liquid and operating parameters plays an efficient role in the ultimate absorption/stripping performance using gas-liquid membrane contactor. The gas flow rate has a significant effect on CO2 absorption performance, by contrast, it has no effect on stripping performance. Further the CO2 absorption performance in membrane contactor could be enhanced by high liquid flow rates. Because the gas–liquid contact time was a key factor to enhance the stripping flux at low temperature while liquid phase boundary layer thickness and associated mass transfer resistance is important at elevated temperature. So by controlling the liquid phase velocity and the length of module at low temperature better stripping performance can be achieved. The effect of liquid temperature on absorption performance in gas-liquid is not straightforward, since the liquid temperature cooperatively influence several factors.
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GLMCs have attracted great interest over the past decade as CO2 absorber and stripper. In the absorber, CO2 diffuses from the feed gas through the porous membrane and is then absorbed in the flowing liquid. Then this CO2 rich liquid circulated form the absorber to the stripper membrane contactor module in which stripped CO2 will be carried by sweep gas (Figure 1).

Figure 1.

Membrane gas absorption/stripper process


Key Terms in this Chapter

Wetting: Membrane pores filled with liquid instead of gas.

AASS: Amino acid salt solution. Chemical solvent derived by mixing amino acid and alkaline hydroxides.

CO2 Absorption: Operation used in removing acid gas from other gases using liquid solvent.

GLMC: Gas Liquid membrane contactor. A device that have bundle of fibers enclosed on a shell in which gas and liquid flow without dispersing with each other.

PVDF: Polyvinylidene fluoride, polymer used in fabrication.

Natural Gas: Gas consists with more than seventy percent methane.

CO2 Stripping: Operation used in removing absorbed acid gas from absorbent liquid.

Hydrophobic: The not-affinity to water.

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