Challenges of Implementing E-Governance in a Politically Driven Environment

Challenges of Implementing E-Governance in a Politically Driven Environment

Manish Pokharel (Korea Aerospace University, South Korea) and Jong Sou Park (Korea Aerospace University, South Korea)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1909-8.ch005


The authors in this chapter underline the significance of a wider environment in which e-governance has to flourish. Even though each and every country in the world has programs to promote e-governance systems to provide maximum benefits to the citizens, and huge budgets and efforts are employed in developing master plans for e-governance in the developing countries, the systems often get terminated. There are many reasons for this termination; hence, the chapter has identified some of the key issues surrounding it.
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Politically Driven Nation

Politics is the activity by which trustworthy people make decisions for the betterment of people, society, country, and the entire world. It is very difficult to find any country that is not driven by politics. Almost every country is politically influenced. Right from countries likes Ethiopia, Swaziland, and Myanmar to European countries, US, Japan, Korea, every country is driven by politics. The only difference is the types of politics and nature of politicians. The intensity of involvement of politicians is different. In some countries, politicians do politics as per the mandate of people, and in some countries, they ignore the people’s mandate and do their own style and try to convince innocence people for the sake of being in power for a long time.


Politics formulate the rules. It ensures the safety and integrity of the nation. The people involved in politics are known as politicians. In a democratic term, people select the candidate to do the politics. They have the responsibility to help every citizen on their problem and help the entire nation to raise the economic condition. If anything goes wrong or astray, then people expect these politicians should sort it out. Sometimes countries cannot select the politician and dictators come and dictate. There are many examples of dictators ruling countries for a long time.


Good politics make the country better, but bad politics make the country worse. The politics of any country depend upon the actors of it, i.e. politicians. If politicians are not honest, educated, and smart enough to drive the nation then the entire system gets badly affected. There are many examples in which politicians work only to draw the vote from the citizens. They give this as high priority. They are not serious about their nation. These types of attitudes do not help the nation to grow in any sector.

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