Challenges to Sustained Learning

Challenges to Sustained Learning

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Institutional Goals And Policies

The structural frame looks at how institution’s goals, objectives, rules, policies, work allocation, coordination of roles and units, and integration (Bolman& Deal, 2003) influence performance. Bolman and Deal (2003) posit that “Clear, well-understood roles and relationships and adequate coordination are key to how well an organization performs” (p. 44). Thus, without a clear understanding of roles and relationship among college stakeholders, it will be difficult to realize institution mission, goals, and objectives. As an administrator, it is important to have a clear understanding of institution’s roles and relationships so as to effectively and efficiently coordinate college activities. Without clear directions on these issues, it will be difficult to provide quality and meaningful services and experiences that help develop sustained learning among students. The roles and relationship should not only be understood by the administrators but by all college stakeholders in order to carry out the day-to-day college activities in a hassle-free manner.

Organization’s goals and objectives help guide and direct organizations day to day activities. If institution’s goals, for instance, don’t support the need to develop students as lifelong learners, then it will be difficult to implement or sell the issue to college constituents. An institution that does not support sustained learning ideology is likely to resist its implementation. However, if an institution supports continuous learning ideology, then it will easy to implement practices that promote sustained learning. One of Illinois State University’s core values as outlined in the Educating Illinois 2008-2014 highlight the importance of developing students as lifelong learners. The Pursuit of Learning and Scholarship core values states that Illinois State University (ISU) “works with students as partners in their educational development inside and outside of the classroom so students come to appreciate learning as an active and lifelong process” (Indicators of Success, 2017). It will be easy to solicit support for programs and experiences that will help students be lifelong learners at ISU because their goal is for students to appreciate learning as a lifelong process.

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