Chaotization of Human Systems by Technical Electromagnetic Fields

Chaotization of Human Systems by Technical Electromagnetic Fields

Manfred Doepp (Holistic DiagCenter, Germany)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-002-8.ch035
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In our energy diagnostic department we noticed more and more cases with irrational stimulus-reaction- patterns and with a chaotic regulation state of the autonomous systems. We found an explanation by the ‘Switching phenomenon’. However, in addition to earlier results a new cause came up, it is the electrosmog exposure. We used three criteria to clarify the findings: A) a negative reaction on a pulsating magnetic field, B) a positive reaction on a brain synchronization procedure, and C) the frequency distribution analysis of skin resistance values approximated by a lognormal (order) or by a bell curve (chaos). A retrospective evaluation over 4 years (435 patients) was performed. Results: 1) a positive correlation between the criterium A) and a chaotic tendency in C), and 2) a significant difference between reactions before and after the synchronization procedure B). The hypothesis of an electrosmog-induced chaotization of autonomous systems becomes likely.
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Around 1976 Goodheart, the founder of the Applied Kinesiology (AK), described a phenomenon which he named ‘Switching”.

His definition said “not foreseeable neurological dys-organisation” (Goodheart, 1985). It means a changeover of the regulation systems of the organism. As predominating causes he found alcohol dependence and food allergies with high histamine. In 1985 Leaf added a discovery which was referred as „disturbance of laterality” (Leaf, 1987). Callahan broadened the spectrum when he described a „psychological reversal” (Callahan, 1998). At that not the hemispheres are separate, however, the conscious and the subconscious parts of the brain

In 2002 (Doepp & Edelmann, 2002/1) we published the frequent presence of Switching states through electro-magnetic waves exposure (electrosmog). The regulations are chaotified in the subcortical brain and the vegetative nervous system. This means, that the intellect (the cerebrum rind) may function as usually further, one hardly notices this state, however, the autonomous systems and brain parts are fragmented and desynchronized (Frick, 2002; Frick, 2005; Hillert, 1998; Landgrebe, 2006; Levallois, 2002; Lyskov, 2001; Sandstrom et al. 2003).

Our entrance to this problem field worked about the meridian diagnostics whose discoveries go ahead of the clinical symptoms around months or years. What could that mean for normal citizens? We then may be temporarily and partly no more ourselves, one becomes ‚cool’ instead of authentic. However, if someone is in the Switching state, the brain can be defragmentated and resynchronized. We compiled for this purpose four practices that can be carried out over 30 seconds each:

  • 1.

    Eyebrow massage above cross, with the thumb under that and the four fingers above that.

  • 2.

    Rubbing gently over the hairy head, with four fingers from the forehead to the neck, with both hands after each other.

  • 3.

    Dot massage over and under the lips, done with the small fingertips, with both hands after each other.

  • 4.

    Ear conch massage with the fingers above cross.

Another testing procedure is the frequency distribution analysis performed by means of Chi-square and Kolmogorov-Smirnov analysis of the approximation to the lognormal and the normal curve (Doepp & Edelmann 2002/1; Doepp et al. 2002/2; Doepp & Edelmann 2006; Popp 1987; Sachs 1969; Zhang & Popp 1996). A patient in the Switching state shows a chaotic (Figure 1) or a fragmented distribution (Figure 2) and after performing the synchronization practices a lognormal pattern (Figure 3) meaning a regulatory state of order. If the data are collected via a body system (e.g. the net of meridians) it is a system analysis.

Figure 1.

Chaos in the state of switching

Figure 2.

Fragmentation in the state of Switching


Key Terms in this Chapter

System Analysis: The human organism allows the detection of huge amounts of data describing the function of the systems. For each of those data collections mathematical and statistical evaluations may be applicated in order to find out the normal ranges and to control the agreement of a person’s results with those of a normal population (sex and age dependant). Significances are calculated. Chaos and rigidity are typical abnormal situations.

Frequency Distribution Analysis: The distribution pattern is compared with a normal curve (N, Gaussian) and a lognormal curve (LN). Two mathematical methods are used for that purpose: the Chi square- and the Kolmogorov Smirnov-analysis. Both are able to analyse the adaption of the person’s values distribution by the two curves.

Chaos Theory: The bipolar organized universe is represented in the organism by the extreme abnormal states of chaos and rigidity. The chaos theory supplies the fact that the best adaptation is guaranteed through the inherent order in a chaos or through the deterministic chaos of non-linear and/or dissipative systems. Without chaos there is no creativity and no evolution. A stable equilibrium would contradict the will of the Creator of the universe and of each person and soul. So, in spite of their disadvantages the chaotic aspects of life are necessary.

Frequency Distributions: Biological data are collected which are generated by a randomized procedure of a measuring principle concerning any system of the organism. There should be more than 500 data. They are plotted in a graph, with the measured values on the x- and the frequencies on the y-axis, so producing a distribution pattern.

Electrosmog: Electromagnetic fields with the whole existing range of frequencies and wave lengths are forming an ubiquitous chaotic situation. The human organism uses waves like those, too. A lot of electricity conducting structures belong to the human body. So, biological antennas go into resonance with the technical electrosmog. Desinformation and manipulations are a possible result. Human feedback systems may become labile up to a chaotic situation. Sensible persons are producing a hypersensitivity.

Autonomous Systems: Inside the human organism several systems are existing which are all regulated by feedback mechanisms in order to maintain a parameter concerned around its mean value. Some of those controlled systems are: heart rate frequency, blood pressure, perfusion rate, immune system, lymphatic system, hormonal system, breath rate, oxigen supply, meridian system, skin temperature, … All those systems may be used in order to generate accumulations of biological data.

Meridian Diagnostics: The net of meridians is one of the body regulation systems. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 12 paired meridians are existing in man. In order to determine their functional states the electrical resistance in the beginning or the end points (‘Ting points’) of those meridians is measured, left and right means in 24 points. The important conductance showing the energetic state is reciprocal to the resistance. The test runs are performed 20 up to 100 times per patient under different and randomized circumstances.

Switching: A brain working normally is synchronized with active association paths between all parts. Several negative influences (long-lasting disstress, allergy, addiction, dependance, electrosmog) produce a desynchronization= fragmentation = dissoziation inside the brain which is called “Switching”. The cerebrum rind/intellect is not disturbed, however, the contact to the emotions, the subconscious centres, and the autonomous centres does not work any more. This results in paradoxical and irrational stimulus-reaction-patterns. The person is no longer a whole entity.

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