Civilization Wisdom in the 21st Century

Civilization Wisdom in the 21st Century

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The purpose of this study is to assess the civilization wisdom potential that can be applied in human and organization practice. A Model of Civilization Wisdom Potential is shown in Figure 1. This model emphasizes two cross sections of the Wisdom Potential of Civilization (WPC):

Figure 1.

The anatomy of civilization wisdom (IQC – Intelligence Quotient of Civilization, PIC – Patient Index of Civilizations, EIC – Emotions Index of Civilizations, DIC – Dynamics Index of Civilizations, MHIC – Mental Health Index of Civilizations, MWIC – Mind Wisdom Index of Civilizations, DIC – Development Index of Civilizations)

  • 1.

    Wisdom Capacity Potential (WCP):

    • a.

      Symbolic content, measured by the Mind Wisdom Index of Civilizations (MWIC)

    • b.

      Civilization development measured by the Developmental Index of Civilization (DIC)

  • 2.

    Wisdom Activity Potential (WAP):

    • a.

      Mental intelligence, measured by the Intelligence Quotient of Civilizations (IQC)

    • b.

      Mental creativity, measured by the Patent Index of Civilizations (PIC)

    • c.

      Civilization emotions, measured by the Emotions Index of Civilizations (EIC)

At the end of this study, both cross-sections of the Wisdom Potential of Civilization (WPC) will be assessed and its levels will be analyzed for the purpose of discussing how to improve wisdom in the development and protection our civilization.

One must remember that this is a modeling approach, which by its nature simplifies such complex processes as “civilization wisdom.” However, this kind of approach is applicable in all major sciences such as physics, biology, and cosmology. At the very beginning of the modeling approach within each discipline, a simple model is offered which is later enhanced and made more isomorphic to the investigated reality.

In this study, the first model of civilization wisdom is offered, based on widely available data-key indicators. Perhaps it will be the subject of further improvements and applications for the sake of mankind’s wisdom, which is in short supply in the 21st century.


Wisdom Capacity Potential Index Of Civilization

Civilization wisdom determines our well-being as a cooperating population. It would be interesting to know how good our civilization wisdom is. Does mankind have a chance to survive existing in a steadily worsening eco-system? In order to reply to these fundamental questions, we must first measure some variables that influence civilization wisdom. Table 1 lists key indicators which impact four kinds of mind cognition: BASIC, WHOLE, GLOBAL, and UNIVERSAL.

Table 1.
The measurements of civilization minds’ wisdom
MindKey IndicatorRationale
Basic% of Population Below the Poverty Line - 2005How practical are those people’s
WholeEducation Index - 1984-91Percentage of college graduates who are educated in theoretical knowledge
GlobalGlobalization Index - 2005Taking into account economic integration, personal contacts, technological connectivity, and political engagement
UniversalPolitical Engagement Index -2005Membership in international organizations, supporting UN peacekeeping forces, signed treaties, and government transfers

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